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Mailbag: “Cup of Apples” Edition

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I hate the Apple Cup. Always have.

Arizona State v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Useless facts to enlighten your Thanksgiving cohorts:

  • The first hockey puck ever used was a frozen piece of cow dung.
  • The first professional football team with an insignia on its helmet was the Los Angeles Rams, who hand-painted gold horns on their leather helmets.
  • Prior to 1859, baseball umpires sat in padded rocking chairs behind the catcher.
  • About 42,000 tennis balls are used in the approximately 650 games of the Wimbledon Championship.
  • In bowling, three strikes in a row is known as a turkey. The term originated in the 1800s, when the first member of a team to throw three strikes in a row was given a free turkey.
  • Cy Young holds the major league baseball record for most career innings played, with 7,356.
  • Wild Bill Hickok was killed playing poker, while holding two pair in his hand: aces and eights. This hand is commonly known as the “dead man’s hand.”
  • The fastest serve clocked in a tennis game was 154 miles per hour, by Michael Sangster in 1963.
  • Pittsburgh is the only U.S. city with three major sports team all wearing the same colors: yellow and black.
  • Olympic gold medals haven’t been pure gold since 1912. They are silver, with gold plating.
  • There are 318,979,564,000 ways of playing the first four moves in the game of chess. There are 169,518,829,100,524,000,000,000,000,000 possible combinations for the first 10 moves.
  • Golfers use approximately $800 million worth of golf balls annually.
  • The oldest continuous trophy sport in the world is the America’s Cup. It began in 1851, and was won by the U.S. for 132 consecutive years until Australia took the cup in 1983.
  • If the air conditioning in the Houston Astrodome was turned off, it would rain inside the stadium due to the humidity in the air.
  • The San Diego Chargers are named after a credit card.
  • Official baseball rules state that an umpire cannot be replaced during a game unless he becomes ill, injured, or dies.
  • The velocity of a baseball decreases about eight miles per hour from the time it leaves the pitcher’s hand until it reaches the catcher.
  • More than 1,800 medals are awarded during the summer and winter Olympics.

Okay, that’s over. To the questions.


What do you think about Chris Landon handing out year-end awards like "Most improved Writer" and "Best Article" and "Best Mailbag Questioner"?

UWDP: If Chris Landon is picking the awards, I see Chris Landon getting a bunch of trophies.


What was the purpose of the stupid looking purple curtains?

Jon May:

Great title for questions BTW. How effective are those screens used to disguise the signals? It seems you could just change the viewing angle while trying to steal and interpret the signals.

UWDP: Arizona State’s coaching staff is notorious for stealing sideline signals from up in the coaches’ booth, which is why the screens were used. And since the stealing comes from guys that are fairly close to the 50-yard line, it’s not as simple as changing their vantage point, as it’s really not possible.

With a team that runs as much run-pass option as Washington does, I really don’t think the whole “stealing signals” is all that big a deal.


All season long I wondered why have Bishard in the slot instead of Darren. Thought Bishard was better suited as a free safety and roamer like Earl Thomas. Thought Darren performed well last year and in a limited role this year. What's your take on the situation? A guy wanting more playing time (being passed over by the younger players) or a guy not completely buying into the built-4-life program?


Why is Darren Gardenhire transferring and is this a bad thing, good thing, or not really a thing for the program?

UWDP: Budda Baker is a guy that is probably the best player at a number of positions. In the case of the Washington defense, it’s a matter of replacement cost for him, either in the slot, or as the deep help.

Playing him close to the line allows him to do more in the defense, without a doubt. He’s fourth on the team in tackles for loss, for instance. He’s picked up a couple of sacks this season, and was a very effective blitzer against ASU.

I like Darren Gardenhire last season as well, and thought he did fine early on in 2016. But his playing time has decreased to almost nil. The coaches have determined that Baker at the line + Jojo McIntosh (and sometimes Taylor Rapp) is a better combination than Baker deep and someone else (like Gardenhire) on the line. The results have largely borne out that choice, so who am I to argue?

The speculation reported by ESPN and picked up by virtually everyone else suggests that Gardenhire wasn’t a complete fit for Chris Petersen. I’m sure he wants more playing time as well, although he seemed in great position heading into 2017.


Could you please tell us where x Huskies are in their professional basketball careers? I know of Ross, Chriss, and Murray but have lost track of Pondexter, Wroten, Brockman, Wilcox (LA Clippers? never let him play!) and any others. Thanks.

UWDP: Quincy Pondexter is back with the New Orleans Pelicans this year—the first team he played for—after spending 3 12 seasons in Memphis. Pondexter missed the entire 2015-16 season with a knee injury that required multiple surgeries, and hasn’t played yet this season. Right now, he’s not expected to return until December or January.

Tony Wroten was traded to the New York Knicks last season and then released. He was picked up by the Memphis Grizzlies, but then released. This season, he was in the Grizzlies’ camp, but released after a single preseason game. He’s currently not signed with anyone, and will likely have to play overseas. His career has come to a grinding halt the last two seasons. A knee injury has played a part.

Jon Brockman hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2011-12 season. He was cut by Houston right before the 2012-13 season tipped off, while recovering from a fluke eye injury that caused him some vision problems. He played overseas, first in France, then in Germany.

C.J. Wilcox is currently playing with the Orlando Magic. He doesn’t get much playing time, and hasn’t found the sweet shooting stroke that made him such a great scorer at the UW.


The USC loss effectively killed 70% of the exuberance and participation on this website. Can we get some numbers on average views/comments before and after loss? Are we all that fickle?

UWDP: Chris Landon could possibly provide those numbers (and then award himself a trophy). I don’t have them.

Exuberance, I agree. But I don’t think it’s hurt participation as much as you suggest.

When it comes to fan board participation, an up-and-down team is always the most “popular” variety, because the very nature of wins and losses polarizes fan bases around players (usually the quarterback) and the coaches. Losing teams are popular when the coach is on the hot seat (real or imagined), but less so otherwise. Winning teams are popular during their initial success (like here), and then when they lose during a sustained run (see Ducks, Oregon).

Husky fans were probably a little shocked by how completely USC handled the team.

Isaac Spaceman:

With Gardenhire leaving and it looking likely that more underclassmen than expected will be leaving early (I'd guess Baker, Jones, Qualls, Ross, maybe Victor), was it a mistake not to recruit for a larger class this year?

UWDP: Nothing is determined yet, by any stretch, with the size of this class. The Huskies are still in the mix for some prominent players. Keep in mind that the estimates of the class size have come from the “experts,” not the coaches.

Gardenhire leaving adds another scholarship to the class. I didn’t want to see him go, but in the end, it might be a good thing.


ASU was far from sold out. How many other top 10 teams are on the precipice of winning a conference championship and making the playoffs and not selling out their home games?

UWDP: Announced attendance was 65,467, but I agree, there weren’t that many people in the stands. I don’t know where to find the numbers for 2016.

Attendance being down is the norm, nationally. In 2015, only about 15 teams (Alabama wasn’t one of them, as an FYI) averaged sellouts for the season, and in many cases, it’s taken some drastic efforts to keep sellout streaks alive.

Also, it’s always hard to adjudge actual attendance versus tickets sold.

The takeaway for me is that attendance is disappointing in 2016. It may increase in 2017, but it’s going to be due to the sale of season tickets. Buying single-game tickets from the UW is a cost-prohibitive option, as most games are significantly above face value—even the duds. Instead, fans that might only go to a game or two find better deals on the secondary market, which doesn’t add anything to the bottom line attendance number.

I’ve said it before: selling out games is of no value to the University of Washington athletic department. The idea is to maximize revenue. A sellout means that tickets were underpriced.


How much of a Jake and the rest of the offense's recent struggles can be attributed to the loss of Tedford?

UWDP: Jeff Tedford was with the team through the USC game. So, FIRE TEDFORD!!

I personally put 0.00000000035% of the offense’s showing the last two games on Jeff Tedford’s presence or lack thereof. Against Arizona State, the Huskies moved the ball fairly well but settled for too many short field goals after missing easy opportunities in the red zone.

Jeff Tedford effectively has zero contact with the team. Unless the offense was somehow heartbroken that their non-coach coach had left them, then the answer was in the execution, not the coaching.

Rick Anacaona:

In hearing 'analysis' of the ASU game by bloggers, there seems to be little to no awareness that there is another team with 85 Division I scholarships that is trying like crazy to disrupt everything the Huskies want to do. Has the 10-1 season given Husky fans a totally unrealistic view of how hard it is to execute successfully and win games?

UWDP: Even though Arizona State’s pass defense is bad on an epic level, yes, there’s something to this.

The team is a victim of its own success, as fans grew used to blowing out teams early in games and cruising in the second halves. Recency bias is working against the Huskies as well; it has served to turn pretty good (but not actually great) performances, like the ones against Arizona and Idaho, into muses that would launch a thousand ships. If you switched the Oregon and ASU games, everyone would feel different about the season.

The biggest thing that causes fans to lose perspective is forgetting how hard it is to play at a peak level over 12 games. People forget how mediocre the offense was in 1991 against the likes of USC and Oregon in the middle of the year, for example. I personally think the effort against ASU was a lot closer to fitting in to fans’ expectations than most. Do you remember the consternation with the running game at the beginning of the season? That ceased to be “a thing” fairly quickly. It’ll be the same with Jake Browning (and an offense that’s really driven by what the passing game does, especially early).


Uh so what was up with the firefly lights at the ASU game? Is this going to be a night game thing now?

UWDP: I thought it was pretty cool, because it seems to have happened organically. But it’s already not unique (I think I read about it happening at a Sounders game already?), and in the future, it’s almost assured to be completely contrived, as that guy with the microphone in front of the student section announces that it’s time to dim the lights, and for everyone to turn on their cell phone flashlights...

It’s got zero staying power. I can’t see it becoming any sort of worthwhile “tradition.”

IworkonTheAppleCup : (:

When will Chris Petersen sign his 10 Year extension? I don't want to worry every year about someone taking him from us......

UWDP: Probably not until after the bowl season. But soon after that, I think.

Long extensions like that are a double-edged sword. I doubt Husky fans thought they’d get to the point that they’d want to fire Romar so quickly, for example.

A team that can afford to hire Chris Petersen will likely be able to afford whatever buyout is attached to the contract. It’ll be nice to have the appearance of locking Chris Petersen up for the long haul, but I really think it’s just that: appearance.

I like spaghetti:

What are your thoughts on petersons 2017 recruiting class so far? What is a position need for this class?


Foster Sarell will commit to __________________

UWDP: It’s an incredibly solid class with the chance to be absolutely exceptional. It’s top 10 in the country in terms of quality, and adding a few more of the names out there that seem to like the Huskies could push it into rarefied air.

In order of importance, I think the biggest needs to be filled are:

  1. Offensive tackle
  2. Inside linebacker
  3. Nose tackle

I’d probably take a top-flight nose tackle over a top-flight inside linebacker because they’re so much harder to find. But, on need, the Huskies don’t have obvious replacements for Keishawn Bierria and Azeem Victor.

I understand the current state of the roster in terms of spots available, but I expect the class to be 19 or 20, and that we’ll see more guys leaving in the winter and spring than we expect right now.

I still think Foster Sarell ends up at Stanford.


Watching the Cougs this week, it seemed that their DL shifts before each snap. Would think that using a variety of snap counts and you could easily catch them out of position, your thoughts.

UWDP: That shift is known as “stemming.” It’s designed to confuse blocking responsibilities, but the “wink-wink” reason to do it is that it can lead to false start penalties on the offense.

The Huskies have such a deliberate offense that it’s a tactic that’s not going to cause as much issue as it does with a faster-paced team like Colorado. While Martin Stadium isn’t big, it can be loud. We’ll have to see how much Browning is able to use his voice to change plays, or as a cadence.

One thing that offenses can do to disrupt stemming is to use the defense’s movement as the signal to snap the ball.


Predict the coach comings and goings after this season. Is Leach heading to Baylor?

UWDP: Other than one post here, I’ve seen nothing about Mike Leach to Baylor anywhere. I highly doubt that one.

Other than assistants, I think the Pac-12 coaching carousel is going to be quiet this offseason. Rich Rodriguez has dealt with a ridiculous number of injuries, I don’t think UCLA has the money to fire Jim Mora, and Mark Helfrich may’ve just saved his job with the win over Utah.


Jake is making me nervous. I've made friends with the fact that he struggles with accurate deep balls; however, yesterday he struggled with several short ones. I'm wondering if USC shook him up a bit. Can Peterson and Smith straighten him out in time for WSU? We need his "A" game for the Apple Cup.


Does Browning have what baseball players call "dead arm" (i.e. end of season arm fatigue)? I swear his throws had more zip (and more obviously was not under throwing deep balls) in the first half of the season. Are my eyes playing tricks or do you see the same thing?

What's your take on Browning's struggles lately?:

Yips, injuries, confidence?


Jake Browning looked BAD through the first few series, and during that ASU touchdown that got called back, I was legitimately worrying about another loss. Should we be concerned about the slow/bad start? Is there something wrong with him that we don't know about?

UWDP: Jake Browning’s struggles consist of a game against the best defense the Huskies have faced this season, and one quarter against Arizona State. And I really don’t think the interceptions against ASU were actually his fault.

Randomness, a return to normalcy, the inability to play at peak levels for 12 straight games...these are the things that I think Jake Browning is dealing with. And it’s not just Browning. The entire offense deserves its share of the blame (if there’s any actually to mete out). The line, the receivers, the coaches, the QB. Everyone.

Jake Browning has been pretty much the same guy throwing the long ball all season. Everything we’ve seen the last two games, both good and bad, we’ve seen all season long. Beware of making sweeping conclusions using small sample sizes.

Of all the things that worry me about this Apple Cup, Jake Browning’s performance isn’t at the top of my list. It’d come below both lines, pass rush, the ability of the linebackers to cover, tackling by the secondary, and receivers’ ability to get open and catch the ball.

I think you can make a pretty strong case that Jake Browning has been the most consistent player on the team this season.


What % Chance Do You Give of Winning the Apple Cup?

UWDP: 71.48333333333333333333%


What teams are losing the most and least starters in the Pac?

UWDP: It’s tough to say without knowing who’s going to leave early, and who stays.

It’s also not just sheer numbers, but where the numbers come from. Arizona loses all of its starting receiving corps and three of four linebackers, for example. The Huskies could get killed in the secondary.

I think Colorado loses like 8 starters on defense. UCLA has some big losses on D as well. Really, when you start to look at it, the Pac-12 just doesn’t have a lot of seniors starting conference-wide. Washington and USC in particular will lose key pieces to the NFL as juniors.


What ever happened to Branden Linius? I know he was suspended for the first 3 games for "violation of team rules", but I haven't heard or seen him on the two deep at any time this year. Is he injured, kicked off of the team, or something else?

UWDP: Brayden Lenius is redshirting the season. He’s been on the sidelines at each home game, but in street clothes.


I'm starting to get really worried that we will be left out of the playoff if we somehow beat WSU and Colorado/USC. What is the argument for leaving us in?

UWDP: If the Huskies win out, they’ll add a reasonably good win against WSU, and then a high-quality win against USC or Colorado. And they’ll be the champion of a major conference.

There isn’t a one-loss team that’s getting in over the Huskies outside of Ohio State; I think the Huskies will actually jump Clemson for #3.


One bad team in the Pac12 that will be good next year. One good team that will be bad next year.

UWDP: Thanks for the relative terms to work with, Ragu. What’s “bad?” What’s “good?”

Husky fans won’t like this, but Oregon has a great chance to turn things around in 2017. As it stands right now, they lose a total of two senior starters (but it’ll be three, as Royce Freeman will leave early). And, they have a good, young quarterback, which might be the most valuable ingredient.

None of those young guys played particularly well on the offensive line, and the entire defense was in shambles. But they aren’t exactly untalented. They’re good enough to be an 8-win team next year, just on the offense alone.

Utah loses its two best receivers and running back Joe Williams. On defense, their line will get wiped out once Lowell Lotuleilei declares for the draft, and they have some other losses in the back seven. Colorado loses a ton on D, as has been mentioned, plus a good QB. I think they have a good coach, but that’s a lot to overcome. For both teams, really.

Next year's offense:

If Ross leaves early, do you see more throws to the TE? Sample and Dissly aren't fast but they have good hands and and can get separation. Plus Michael Neal and Hunter Bryant

UWDP: It seems like I predict “yes” to this question every year, and get burned by it.

It’s becoming pretty clear that the tight ends are “dirty work” guys in Chris Petersen’s offense. They block for the QB as often as they go down the field for passes, and in the case of Darrell Daniels this year and Josh Perkins in 2015, are frequently decoys to occupy defenders.

Keep this in mind, too: as good as any of the guys you mention may be, none of them are as good as the receivers the Huskies have, and are bringing in.

So no, they won’t. I’ll be surprised if they have more than 35 catches between them.


In his time at UW there is a small body of work to look at when it comes to Coach Petersen playing pass-happy offenses on the road. Looking toward to this weekend's Apple Cup, did he have success in defending such offenses on the road during his tenure at Boise State and do any common themes or strategies come to mind from that chapter of Coach Pete's career that we can look for on Friday?

UWDP: Chris Petersen’s history in defending the spread at Boise State is largely moot, as he almost always had a decided talent advantage there.

At Washington, he’s been fairly successful against the two primary spread teams, Cal and WSU (although we’re all aware that Luke Falk didn’t play in last year’s Apple Cup, but thanks again to the Cougar fans for reminding us).

Washington’s defense has proven to be pretty good at defending every type of offense it’s faced. That’s going to be stressed some this Friday because the Huskies will likely have to blitz more than they want to, but this is still the best cover secondary in the conference.

Washington isn’t going to change what it does very much. Lots of man coverage on the outside, and zone underneath.


After having a tremendous spring, I expected Jaylon Johnson to be an impact player on the D line this season. So far, that really hasn't happened. Injury was an issue at the beginning of the season, is his health still less than 100% ?

UWDP: I had very high hopes for Jaylen Johnson as well. I really haven’t been disappointed with him in any way, in truth. He missed the first three games with his injury, and really didn’t get regular snaps the first five, maybe six games.

He’s still a pretty young guy, and he’s been asked to add a significant amount of weight to his body and play a defensive tackle role. He’s not a natural tackle, either; he’s been “made” into one.

I think he’s done a great job adding depth this year, and I still think he’s going to put together a good career at the UW.


I think I need to get a Washington or University of Washington related tattoo. Any ideas on what it should be and the placement of said image?

UWDP: While I think All-American Sidney Jones’ Dawg eyes tattoo is pretty badass, you have to remember that he’s an All-American, future NFL cornerback and millionaire, and you’re Ragu of the Internet. You might not be able to pull it off.

If you were really to do this, I’d recommend something timeless and traditional, because you’re going to be “old” a lot longer than you’re “young.” Personally, I’d go with the block “W” in purple with a gold outline. I’ve always been a fan of the interlocking “UW,” but that seems like it’s been phased out.

As to where, man, I have no idea where the cool kids put their tattoos these days. I asked my wife where she thought I should put mine, and she said, “On someone else.”


Everyone seems giddy over USC these days. However if you look at their wins since losing to Stanford only 2 of those wins are over teams over .500 Washington and Colorado. Colorado was a 4 point win at home without a healthy Liefau. Their defense is better but nobody talks much about the fact that supposedily at start of year they had one of the toughest schedules but now their opponents have underperformed(Oregon, Arizona, Arizona St, Stanford, UCLA, Cal, and soon Notre Dame). USC seems to not be getting big knocks for their weakened opponents like UW does . What gives?

UWDP: Personally, I don’t want to do anything to devalue the one team that has managed to beat the Huskies. I want them to win as many games as possible, and finish as high in the polls as they can.

USC isn’t getting dinged as bad as the UW because USC isn’t in contention for one of four playoff spots, and the Huskies are. They get a little more scrutiny because they’re playing for a lot more than USC is. The Trojans get to play the role of “good also-ran.” No one would really care about the Huskies’ schedule if they were ranked #7 right now.


In five words or less, describe this Husky season. This counts as a question.

UWDP: Efficient, effective, underappreciated, unexpected, imperfect.

Jon May:

Why can't I submit passwords through Google Forms?

UWDP: You can. You can also submit information such as your credit card number (including expiration date and security code), mailing address, social security number, driver’s license number, and bank account information.


I'll be honest. I haven't watched a WSU game all season and I don't know what to make of them. With the exception of Stanford they haven't beaten a team with a winning record, but have put up impressive numbers doing so (and yes, I realize UWs resume is only slightly better) I know about their offense, but how is their defense? Are they really that good of a team or have they been feasting on a few lucky breaks and an easy schedule?

UWDP: Aside from their ability to throw the ball, here’s what you need to know about the Washington State Cougars:

The defense is very much bend-but-don’t-break; they aren’t great shakes on a per-play basis, but are very good on a per-drive basis. They are good at generating turnovers (21, tied for 24th in the country). The Cuogs lead the Pac-12 in fewest rushing yards allowed per game, but are fourth in terms of yards allowed per carry. The pass defense isn’t great; 10th in yards allowed and 8th in pass efficiency defense. So, in a nutshell, teams look to throw more than run against the Cuogs, which is likely part of the reason their takeaway number is high.

On offense, WSU has a really, really solid offensive line. While they’re middle of the conference in total sacks allowed, their sack rate is very low. The rushing attack is sneaky-effective, too, if teams don’t play the Cuogs straight.

The Cuogs are good, and they’re playing at home. Washington is better (on both sides of the ball), and should win the game. But it will be competitive, and strange things can happen.


Like in one of the articles where it said, it was an ugly win, I have to agree. Our offense just seemed, well off. The oline, Jake, the wr Corp all just seemed like they were playing like they had something to lose. How do you think Petersen will counter this and if we play as tense as we did this Friday do you think we have a chance? There's also the thing of weather where its possible Pullman may be getting snow that day. Do you think our team could still outplay the cougar in snow? Just in case, I think I'll wear all purple this week in Pullman. Go dawgs!

UWDP: The team has played ten games of mostly good offense, with one bad game in there.

I like the odds of this team playing well, because they’re talented and well-coached.

If they struggle out of the gate, it wouldn’t be surprising if the offense went to the no-huddle again. That really got Jake Browning into a good rhythm on Saturday.

The forecast currently is temperatures in the low to mid-40s, with some rain. That rain does’t concern me too much, and thankfully, there isn’t too much wind predicted. Weather won’t be an issue, expect for fans driving over the passes...


Despite losing to Colorado, Luke Falk looked incredible at times, firing pinpoint passes all over the field. Will the Huskies try to blitz and rattle his cage or drop back and make him work methodically down the field?

UWDP: Unless the Huskies can somehow get pressure with their four-man defensive line, then you’re going to see some of both. But I bet mostly you’ll see the Huskies focus on coverage. Blitzing an air raid team is exceptionally dangerous if you can’t make the play.

The teams that have beaten WSU have done it by tackling really well on defense (minimizing yards after the catch), and running the ball. Pressuring Luke Falk isn’t necessarily the answer; Boise State and Colorado each only had two sacks against the Cuogs. Falk will take some shots down the field, but WSU’s forte is turning short passes into medium gains. Cover well. Tackle even better. Don’t get burned by the run.


Despite his prolific numbers Jake Browning has sort of fallen off the Heisman map. Is that deserved? Does one or two bad games constitute this?

UWDP: I personally don’t think he ever had a very good shot. Lamar Jackson won the award in early October.

Even with better games against USC and ASU, Browning wouldn’t have many more yards passing. If any. He might have two or three more TD passes, but he just doesn’t have the gaudy “totals” numbers to overcome a guy that’s going to account for 50 (or more) total TDs while throwing for 3,500 yards and rushing for 1,500 more. Passer rating and yards per attempt will win the Davey O’Brien Award, and maybe the Maxwell Award, but not the Heisman.

Darin Johnson:

Are the Cougars the most underrated team in the Pac-12? In the country? Sagarin: 14th-rated; FEI: 10th-rated.

UWDP: They’re certainly in the conversation, and I’ve thought that for a while now.


How good is Colorado really?

UWDP: I thought the Buffs had hit a bit of a wall after relatively unimpressive showings three weeks in a row against Stanford, UCLA, and Arizona. But the win over WSU erased a lot of that.

Colorado has a good rushing attack behind Phillip Lindsay and QB Sefo Liufau. The passing attack is mostly “efficient” as opposed to “dangerous.” The Buffs don’t turn the ball over much. The strength of the team is its defense, though. It’s legit, like in the conversation for best in the conference. Colorado leads the Pac-12 in pass efficiency defense by a healthy margin, and is third in yards per rush allowed (behind the Huskies and USC).


Are there two schools in the Pac12 that are more similar than CU and UW?

UWDP: Maybe WSU and Oregon State?


Taking into account transfers, graduations, NFL early departures, and incoming recruits, give us a quick starting 22. Or like 24 if you want to count the kickers. Do they count?

UWDP: Offense:

LT: Trey Adams

LG: Nick Harris

C: Coleman Shelton

RG: Jesse Sosebee

RT: Kaleb McGary

QB: Jake Browning

TB: Myles Gaskin

WR: Dante Pettis, John Ross, Chico McClatcher

TE: Drew Sample


DE: Conner O’Brien

DT: Elijah Qualls

DT: Vita Vea

DE: Tevis Bartlett

LB: Azeem Victor

LB: Keishawn Bierria

Nickel Corner: Byron Murphy

CB: Austin Joyner

CB: Jordan Miller

SS: Taylor Rapp

FS: Jojo McIntosh

All for now. Happy Thanksgiving, and