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Hello Dawgfans

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New Dawg Recruiting Writer

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Husky Fans-

I am a new writer here at the UWDawgpound where I will be writing about football and basketball recruiting.

A little about me: I attended UW from 2001-2005 and I follow UW husky recruiting specifically UW football recruiting very closely. I still call Seattle home, and I am training my almost 10 month old daughter the UW Fight Song in hopes that she will someday attend her dad’s alma-mater. I follow UW recruiting as closely as one can via social media and various recruiting analysts, and I will try and pass along what I am hearing when news breaks or what is going on in the recruiting world.

I truly believe Coach Pete is building a program here that in a few years will consistently be among the elite. On the basketball front with Fultz already on campus and Michael Porter coming in next year the future looks extremely bright.

This is an extremely exciting time for husky recruiting (both basketball and football). I look forward to enjoying the recruiting successes that the coaches have out on the trail with all of you.

I will be writing articles and posting news as it comes up and if you have any questions feel free to post anything you might want to know about husky recruiting in the comments section and I will try to write a Q&A post in the near future.

As always let #purplereign and #godawgs.


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