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Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Current UW Student new to the UW Dawg Pound

Hello everybody! My name is Alex Larson and I am proud to say I am a new member of the Dawg Pound. I am currently a Junior at the University of Washington-Tacoma working to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. My absolute dream is to be hosting a sports radio show or being on ESPN. According to my mother, when I was three-years old I was glancing over the sports page in our local paper. When I was seven-years old I would grab a hairbrush and announce the Mariners games, pretending to be the late great Dave Niehaus. Sports is a heavy passion of mine as you all can clearly see; I even have a part time job working at Tacoma Mall’s Just Sports. Customers tell me on a constant basis that I have a voice for radio and that brings me constant motivation to excel in school and make my dream become a reality soon.

Outside of the world of sports I am a big believer in family comes first. I live with my mother, my sister, and we have a Maltese dog named Cody. I apologize for bringing the room down here but the reason I believe that family comes first is because on June 20, 2009 I lost my father to an awful battle with Testicular Cancer. Before my father passed he was a Lawyer that was on his way of becoming a State Judge and if you lived in my neck of the woods you would know who my father was, everybody adored him. I wake up every day feeling blessed knowing that my dad is watching over me on a constant basis and I strive to be the very best I can be in my schoolwork and my actual work.

When people ask me what my hobbies are I often stop and ask myself, “What else can I say other than watch sports?” Although that is my favorite thing to do, I enjoy socializing with friends when I have the time. You can usually catch me enjoying a few Angry Orchards at our local tavern every now and again (I’m almost 22 and I don’t like beer yet…Ciders will have to do for now). I’m just a hard-working student who is wanting to go far in life, life brings us many obstacles and I tend to tackle whatever I am given with positivity and a smile on my face. I look forward to working with the Dawg Pound, being a UW Student, sitting in the Dawg Pack every game day, and contributing my two cents on anything Husky related online or in the news have been stuff I have wanted to cross off my bucket list. I guess that means I’ve been able to cross three things off the list in 2016...score!

For anybody who wants to get in contact with me…

Follow me on Twitter: @ALarson12thMan