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Stuff and Shenanigans: Lights on Montlake

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The Dawgs bring home victory on senior night even if they don’t look perfect doing it.

Starry Night?

Did a new tradition of twinkle lights begin Saturday at Husky Stadium or was that just something that’ll be remembered as a detail of ‘16?

As that was the last home game of the year, I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out the answer. Rats.

So besides the guy behind me in the nosebleeds being actual Uncle Rico, let’s talk football.

A 100% Accurate and 97% Sober History of Absolutely Everything

To avoid saying stuff that everyone else has already said about Jake, my abridged, real-time thoughts on the matter are the following:

WTF Jake why are you throwing late and behind guys? You’re the nerd-QB who’s supposed to do nerd things like have the brainpower of Heisenberg and Curie combined and therewith diagnose plays and defenses and get the ball out on time! And yes, those interceptions were 90% the receivers’ faults and should have been caught gall darn it but still. To quote UWDP member/human alliteration, Patently Purple, “Jake was OFF. Then he was ON. Then he was OFF again.”

My other Browning thought, this one complimentary: you know that would have been a pick six? Where he was the recipient of a block in the back and the offender was penalized, nullifying the Arizona State TD and their subsequent drive ending in the Kevin King interception? Yeah. How much money you wanna bet Jake wasn’t even trying to catch the ball carrier and was instead purposefully trying to draw that penalty? That’s my hypothesis because we all know Jake’s a cerebral lil’ sneak. Or do I need to call him a nerd a few more times before you subliminally agree with me?

Speaking of that Kevin King INT, if there was a feature film-style elevator pitch for that, it would be, “Holy shit mother of sweet deuce, he did what?”

I never said it was a good elevator pitch.

While I’m busy giving all the love to the defense and verbally abusing the pass game, one of the more pleasing aspects of the offense was the vision from McClatcher and Gas Pedal (side note: I’m gonna make that nickname stick if it kills me). Furthermore, the blocking execution five+ yards off the line of scrimmage on those long runs was the antithesis to all our fan complaints last year about downfield blocking. It was glorious.

The asterisk to the above assessment, as Ben mentions, is that the run game was sort of an all-or-nothing performance on any given play. Against some that would concern me, but that’s exactly what to expect against ASU. So I’m feeling pretty okay on that front.

Another bright spot, and this is in the face of many of the “meh” performances of the last couple weeks and not just last Saturday, is Taylor Rapp.

Apparently many of you agree with me, which is always welcome because, you might not think it, but my self-esteem could always go for a bit of validation:

Equally as promising is that ASU seems to have brought out some more of the youth movement on Washington’s defense and it has me more optimistic about depth than I think most of us were a week or two ago.

Rapp has been showing signs all year, but I think it’s really in the linebackers where we’re starting to see young guys step up. Obviously the losses of Azeem Victor and Mathis are massive—I’m not desperate enough for attention to argue otherwise—but a healthy rotation of Tevis Bartlett, BBK, Beavers, Potoa’e, etc. looks like it’s minimizing the damage as best as we can hope for.

Oh, and ASU’s N’Keal Harry is a legit mofo. Now imagine if we had reeled him in with last year’s class and had him and John Ross playing side by side. I know half of you read that sentence and were immediately turned on. Don’t deny it.

Basically, the tl;dr rundown on Saturday’s game, for when the aliens invade: Washington played some real sloppy bullshit (seriously, two fourth and long desperation heaves into the end zone for ASU resulting in two touchdowns? *retches into bag*) but still won easily somehow. And won’t, if we do the same next week. So step it up, for crud’s sake.


Coming off San Jose State’s bye week, the 3-8 Spartans almost pulled off an upset of the 8-3 Air Force Falcons. Who beat Navy. Who beat Houston. Who beat Louisville.

Unfortunately, there’s that pesky “almost” in there, as in “not quite,” as in “Deontae Cooper’s football team lost to the football team of the service academy for the branch my US Marine Corps neighbor made fun all the time, all on a last-second touchdown pass, gosh dang it.” Was that not the most eloquent thing you’ve ever read?

During those 60 minutes, Coop got himself 27 net yards on six carries, averaging the most yards per carry of any rusher with more than one carry. Among those were runs of 13 yards and another of 10.

Line of the Week

On Kevin King’s interception to end all interceptions:

Bonus: First person to mention, “Saturday Night Live was so much better when I was in high school/college/the ICU for giardia and the hospital TV was stuck on channel five...” gets a roundhouse kick to the sternum. Go for it. I dare you. My friend’s got an MMA match coming up and would love someone to practice on.

And now, one final thought before I go:

It’s no secret there’s plenty about the world’s stuff and, well, shenanigans, that have sucked majorly of late. Sometimes it’s left me thinking I really don’t like people. But Saturday’s spontaneous lights on Montlake reminded me that maybe, just maybe, people are alright after all.

It was a half-decent reminder of the following...

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.