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Friday Dots: Lindquist among thirteen seniors to be honored tomorrow

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Plus, men’s and women’s hoops sweep the night

Boise State v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

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Football Dots

Non Football Dots

Recap of the 104-88 win:

Women’s basketball gets the win 79-66 win over Missouri with the help of 15 three-pointers:

Cross Country Championships Saturday:

  • Redhook Brewery, one of the original Seattle microbrews and a sponsor of UW athletics, has crafted a new canteloupe IPA that will have its first tapping tomorrow before the Huskies game. If you are interested in that kind of flavor or are just a fan of Redhook, you might enjoy taking part in the festivities. The sponsor describes it as such ...

The brew is a celebration of that sweet, golden-hued fruit and at 6.2 ABV packs a nice hoppy punch that is balanced by cantaloupe that was hand-scooped into a whirlpool of IPA. Additions of the Hull Melon and Eureka hops round out the melon aroma, and a final addition of the cantaloupe was added just prior to reaching terminal. The result is a subtle IPA with layers of melon flavor.

The first tapping will happen at A Pizza Mart at 5240 University on Saturday.

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