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UWDP is Looking for Volunteer Basketball and Recruiting Writers

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Do you have love Husky sports and aspire to participate in the world of sports media? Do we have a deal for you.

Portland State v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Over the past three years, the UW Dawg Pound has become the fastest growing fan blog on the Internet that is dedicated to Washington Husky Athletics. To continue this growth and enhance the overall fan experience, we are actively seeking to add to our writing staff.


  • You are a passionate UW sports fan
  • You have an interest in writing, blogging, news reporting, analyzing stats, or producing sports media
  • You are interested in gaining exposure to news media including print, social, and radio
  • You have the ability to write at least one article per week
  • You are interested in becoming affiliated with a great group of people just like you

...then you ought to consider volunteering to join the UWDP fan blog staff. We are currently looking to fill several critical positions in the areas of basketball (men’s and women’s), recruiting (football and MBB), and non-revenue sports. Read through our opportunities and, if interested, contact us at landonemail-gekko at yahoo dot com.

—Basketball writers

Our basketball staff has had some turnover and we are in critical need of reinforcements. Opportunities to contribute include editorial leadership, previews, recaps, team analyses, film analyses, and recruiting. With UW sporting some high-level recruits, we expect that our basketball group will have many opportunities to gain multi-region exposure as they connect with people across the SB Nation network and build up a hardcore following among dedicated fans.

—Recruiting writers

We are looking for Husky fans who want to cover recruiting (either football or basketball) more regularly and generally have a passion for following all recruiting pertaining to UW. SB Nation provides many resources to support recruiting writers and has seen many of its volunteer writers move on to paid recruiting reporter jobs with the major outlets.

—Reporters/digital media

While the UWDP does not aspire to be a news outlet, we do want to enhance our offering by providing more content captured from the front lines. This can be in the form of news, social media, and other forms of digital communications. If you aspire toward sports journalism and want to develop your portfolio of sports reporting, and if you are able to physically attend events on a regular basis, we want to support you by providing you an outlet to get your name and work out there.

What is in it for you

Writers who have gone through our SB Nation blog properties have gone on to careers with many different media entities including SB Nation, Rivals, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CBS, and local news media stations. In addition, almost all of our writers have been invited to conduct radio, podcast, and/or conference call interviews with different types of media and fan-based organizations. Finally, the current staff of UWDP is a close-knit group whose members support one another in several ways including:

  • built-in sports drinking buddies
  • therapy for sports-related depression, anxiety, or compulsions
  • good times and camaraderie


Please email landonemail-gekko at yahoo dot com if you are interested. Send relevant writing samples and indicate your interests.