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Dots: It’s a Phenomenon

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The Huskies are the talk of the town. And the nation.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Want to know what UW Football’s ceiling looks like after their big win last weekend? Why not check in with the experts over at Pacific Takes. Well, one expert. She’s joined by a bunch of fellas who can only hope to live up to her standards.

Duck fans are in the unfamiliar situation of having to read about how their Coach is now using phrases such as “hearts and minds” when describing what he has to do to reach his team in what is quickly becoming a disastrous season in Eugene.

Here are some fun tweets:

and, for good measure ...

UW’s latest INFOGRAPHIC summarizing the Stanford game is out, and it is epic.

Moving on to basketball, did you know that yesterday was the first day of camp for both the Men’s and Women’s teams?

Speaking of basketball, UW star Matisse Thybulle has a hobby that may be of interest to Husky Football fans.

Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott is growing more concerned about the number of schools running athletic deficits.

And, in case you missed my interview on SB Nation radio from last Saturday, you can find it right here. Funny story about how this came to be. We were in Vegas watching the game with a group of people at Lagasse Stadium in the Palazzo. It just so happens that one of the SB Nation radio shows is broadcast out of that spot. My wife saw the broadcaster and suggested that he will definitely want “to interview Chris Landon.” His reply? “Who???”

Once she explained I was affiliated with the UWDP, he became interested and the booking was made.

So, there you go. A legend in my own time. Or not. Enjoy.