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LISTEN: Talkin' Huskies with the Seattle Cover32 Podcast

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Who is the best football team in the state of Washington? More importantly, who has the best offensive line of all of those teams?

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

I was invited to join Lee Vowell and Kevin Daggett on their weekly Seattle Seahawks podcast to talk about Husky football.  It was a fun podcast and, if you have 20 minutes, I invite you to take a listen.

We hit on a bunch of topics:

  • The rise of Jonathan Smith
  • The most surprising units on the team
  • Jake Browning, of course
  • The Oregon State game
  • The Utah Utes matchup
  • Whether or not the Huskies have peaked too soon
  • Who the best football team in the state might be
  • Huskies basketball!

You can listen to the whole podcast for a healthy dose of UW and Seahawk talk or skip to the 24:00 minute mark to pick up the discussion on the Huskies.