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A Very Stuff and Shenanigans-ish Midseason Report

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A special Midtaarstid Hestdrittsekkfest, which is Norwegian for Midseason Report. Just ask our resident Norwegian, Uwstein, who will tell you that’s totally accurate.

Washington v Oregon
Blue steel.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

When we published the first Stuff and Shenanigans, six or however many weeks ago, I gave this introduction/disclaimer: "Our weekly column where we ask the question: How bad of a thing can we write and still have people read it?"

Based on the facts that A) People read this and B) This is bona fide garbage, we now have our answer: “apparently, quite bad.” Thank God, because it’s those low standards that keep S&S up and running. Thanks, team!

Speaking of things said in the past i.e. a handful of readers telling me to get the fuck crap on Twitter (see also: stop swearing), and me saying I’ll do it if the Dawgs break The Streak...well, the Dawgs broke The Streak. So I’m on Twitter now. Also, if you want Husky news from people way better at almost everything ever than me, you can follow Ryan, Chris, and the rest of the crew.

Moving on to our Stuff and Shenanigans Midseason Special:

A 100% Accurate and 66.67% Sober History of The First Half of the Season:

Let’s begin with Washington’s perceived weaknesses coming into the season. The offensive line was an unknown about which many fans were cautiously optimistic, while most of the talk about the receivers went about as far as “John Ross is super fast, right?”

So suck on that, world.

Granted, John Ross is super fast, but that’s beside the point.

He’s also shown to be a far more complete receiver than anybody anticipated, while Chico McClatcher and Dante Pettis have proven they’re not just here to be the supporting cast. In the meantime, young up-and-comers like Pounds, Baccellia, and true frosh Aaron Fuller are out to let the Pac know they’re worth paying attention to, too.

As for the O-Line, isn’t it nice seeing Jake have some (read: hella) time in the pocket? Also, when abbreviating, does one say “O-Line,” “O Line,” or “O line?” Seriously, we need to standardize that because it’s second on my list of all-time most pressing questions, right after vague existential longing.

That being said, I’d like to see the line go up against a really strong defensive front seven. Too bad those are so effing hard to come by in the Pac-12.

Moving on.

And no, I’m not gonna talk about Jake Browning being a kickass nerd since I’ve already talked about it ad nauseam here and here and here and here and you get the picture. Though I will leave this here:

If the biggest twist of the year so far has been the success of the passing game, then the opposite side of that coin has been adjusting our perception of the running game. Note I did not say the opposite side of the receivers being good is the running backs being bad. Not the same thing. Although there’s no denying that the run game got off to a slow start this season, Gaskin’s back to being Gaskin while Lavon Coleman (and even Jomon Dotson) have dissuaded the fans’ common preseason anxiety over running back depth.

Back to “adjusting our perception.” On first glance, and completely by an unscientific qualification, the running game doesn’t seem quite as dominant as last year. However, we all know it’s doing just fine, even if on occasion a halfback is forced to make a guy miss behind the line of scrimmage. I would argue that any change in the fans’ conceptualization of the run game comes right back down to what was supposed to be Washington’s weakness coming into the season: now that the passing game is more than holding its own, the newfound offensive balance has us all confused in the face. For a fanbase who spent 2015 used to seeing our offense rely on the Gas Pedal (new nickname? I think yes) and as such was used to seeing him get what felt like a dozen massive breakaways per game, not witnessing that all the time feels a bit disappointing. Just remember that it’s all a part of the balance.

Lastly, how about the edge rush? I seem to recall plenty of people calling for Wooching’s head after the Arizona game, to which he responded with a big old “Eff you” the next week by amassing — and this is completely accurate — 439 sacks. Although Mathis and Wooching probably don’t fully replace the speed of Travis Feeney and Cory Littleton, they aren’t lacking in intensity or athleticism. Remember against Oregon when Charles Nelson tried to out-juke Mathis a hundred times and Mathis was like, “Bitch, nah.” Now consider that Jojo Mathis has an extra 75 pounds on Nelson and was just as quick on his feet. Yeah.


San Jose State with their second win of the year over Nevada! Go Spartans! Unfortunately, Deontae Cooper only got one carry and no yards on said carry, this likely due to him dealing with an injury according to The Mercury News. Darn.

Line of the Week

Because a week without Husky boring.

Line of the Season’s First Half

The Point, duh.

And no, it wasn’t a mistake that I used that picture twice today. It’s just that great.

Anyways, Happy Midtaarstid Hestdrittsekkfest to Dawg fans everywhere.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.