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An Apology to Jonathan Smith

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Remember when bashing the Washington offense was cool? Yeah...we take that back.

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Washington vs Oklahoma State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Mr. Smith,


Sorry that we kept bitching about bubble screens. Sorry about the “Fire Smith 2K15” crusade that some people were on about. Sorry that when a true freshman quarterback wasn’t immediately bringing our offense to Rose Bowl standards we were shocked and pissy and reacted with the judgment of high school sophomores. Sorry for being super-duper wrong.

AFI FEST 2015 Presented By Audi Opening Night Gala Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'By The Sea' - Arrivals
No, not THAT Mr. Smith.
Also RIP Brangelina.
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It’s embarrassing how wrong we were.

Granted, Oregon and Arizona aren’t known for their suffocating defense, and Stanford was down two corners, but still. I’m not gonna scoff at 70 points no matter who my team’s playing, even if who they’re playing is the closest thing to literal ducks they’ll ever see coming at them on a football field.

Last year was a mixture of things. We knew Browning was good. We knew Gaskin was good. We thought the line and the receivers could be okay. We just sometimes maybe also thought that perhaps the plays being called maybe weren’t necessarily...ya know...the best.

(As part of this multi-media art piece, the next articulation of ideas takes its form in the following 14-second clip from the 1994 masterpiece, Dumb and Dumber.)

I mean every word that just came out of Jeff Daniels’ mouth. At the risk of preemptively heaping upon you so much praise, inflating your ego, and then causing the Dawgs to tank the rest of the season and finish 6-6, you have totally redeemed yourself.

Except I suppose it’s not that you totally redeemed yourself. It’s that you stayed the course in developing the players within this offense and now it’s finally paying dividends. Like, a lot of dividends. We’re basically rolling in retirement funds right now. (Okay, that meets my dad joke quota for today.)

Sorry about bashing your play calling, even the Lindcat. Actually I guess we’re still salty about that trainwreck of a formation, but whatever. Otherwise that statement holds true.

Thanks for the nine-game streak of UW scoring 35 points or more. Thanks for the running back averaging over six yards per rush.

Thanks for the quarterback who tied the Pac-12 record for touchdowns in a game and didn’t even need all four quarters to do it.

Thanks for the quarterback that’s third in the country in points responsible for per game. Thanks for the quarterback who leads the country in passing efficiency and passing touchdowns. Thanks for the quarterback who now owns the Washington record for touchdowns in a game.

Gee, that felt weird addressing this in second person all to someone I can reasonably assume won’t see it.

But wait, one more thing:

Thanks for bringing us Montlake Jake 2.0 and Company, and for helping develop the offense necessary to let purple reign again.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.