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Dots: UW Basketball Star Dejounte Murray is Blossoming

Dot...Dot...Dawg, y'all

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Dots.  This is where it all started for the Gekko.  On a cold winter's day in Minneapolis, I get an email from the illustrious founder of the UWDP, Messr. John "On an Island Somewhere" Berkowitz, asking me if I'd like to help him with the blog.  I propose doing a "relatively easy" link dump piece a few times a week.

Pftttt.  Easy, my scooper.

As it turns out, the Dots have evolved to the most widely consumed piece put up on the UWDP every week.  That, by extension, means it is very likely the most widely consumed column on the Huskies anywhere ... in the world.

Imagine that.

It's not possible without the labor of love that our staff of committed Husky enthusiasts put into it every day.  So, to my friends Ryan, Jesse, Greg, Drew, Jake, and Jeffrey ... THANK YOU!  You guys are the best and your efforts are very appreciated.

Now, on to some Dots.

The evolution of Dejounte Murray has been thrilling to watch over the past few weeks.  He now leads all PAC 12 freshmen in scoring...and to think that we are just scratching the surface with this young man.  The prospects for this Husky team as they mature this year and turn the corner into next year are breathtaking.

Former UW CB Marcus Peters, the reigning defensive rookie of the month, has become a big deal in Kansas City.  Coaches fawn over him, teammates love him and fans adore him.

As most of you know, Husky great Marques Tuiasosopo is off to yet another job as the new QB coach for the UCLA Bruins.  This is Tui's second stint with the Bruins.  While I certainly don't begrudge a man his opportunities, I'm starting to get the distinct impression that Tui is destined to become an LA lifer.  And that makes me a sad Dawg.

I know that this has been covered in this space, but this kind of performance requires more shoutouts.  The restoration of UW's standing as a producer of well-rounded students is a point of pride for alums, students, and all of those who are connected to the University.  We went through some lean years in the recent past.  Coach Petersen has had a tremendous culture impact in his two short years and is such an asset for whomever inherits the AD job.

Recently-signed Husky QB Daniel Bridge-Gadd has his jersey.  No pressure.

Bad fortune once again visits the doorstep of former Husky MBB star Quincy Pondexter.

Are you looking for a Husky baseball star to root for?  Why not jump on the bandwagon of senior pitcher Troy Rallings?  Check out Brian Tom's bio piece over at