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Dots: The Aftermath of an Encouraging Victory

Reflecting on a wild weekend of Pac-12 football.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Start off by hearing from Coach Petersen fresh after the win over Utah State.
  • Here's a transcript from the News Tribune of everything Coach Petersen had to say after the win if you hate videos.
  • In addition, here are the player interviews as well as videos from a few assistants.
  • In case this factoid somehow hasn't reached your ears, note that Browning set a freshman passing record at UW by throwing for 368 yards. Utah State is not FCS cupcake, so this is something to get excited about.
  • I recommend you check out this postgame breakdown from Scott Eklund.
  • You'll find a new wrap-up of all the strange plays that took place Saturday here in Caple's notebook.
  • Calkins from the Times chose to focus his postgame story on Browning's success immediately following his fairly ugly third quarter interception.
  • With all the preseason hyped focused on Sidney Jones and Budda Baker in the defensive backfield, we apparently didn't give Kevin King and his switch to corner enough credit.
  • Oh, and this was pretty cool:
  • As Kyle Bonagura of the Pac-12 Blog puts it, Stanford isn't ready to surrender its status as a Pac-12 power.
  • A few Pac-12 contests came down to the wire. First Cal barely held on to a 45-44 win at Texas after seeming to take over the game early in the second half, while UCLA escaped a scary BYU team 25-24.