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30 Day Countdown - Day 30: Which Road Trip Should We Take?

Husky football kicks off in 30 days. So much to do and so little time.

Is the road trip to Boise State a "must do" for Husky fans?
Is the road trip to Boise State a "must do" for Husky fans?
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30 Days.

That's it.  That's the sum total of the remaining torture left on your agenda.  And, truth be known, it's not very much time.

If you are anything like me, you've spent the vast majority of this offseason engaged in the following:

  • perusing the Internet for recruiting news
  • complaining to your wife that there is "nothing to do" and that she "just doesn't get it"
  • chatting with your pals at the 'Pound about WR recruiting, Jonathan Smith and who our QB ought to be

What you most likely have not been doing is preparing yourself for all that you have to get done once the season starts.  While Chris Petersen, Pete Kwiatkowski and Jonathan Smith have been busy setting up their recruiting boards and planning out their fall camp schedule, you've been busy doing, well, nothing.

So it's time to get on it, Husky Fans.  Chop-chop.

First order of business?  It's the time of year to figure out what road trip you are going to take.  As a dutiful Husky fan, it is your obligation to ensure that the home-field advantage of at least one opponent is neutralized by your presence.  If you are doing your job, then your very presence - because UW fans are truly the best in the world - should nullify the presence of ... at minimum ... five home team fans.

If an opposing fan shows up like this:

duck fans

.... I want you to show up like this:

Before we begin discussing tactics and costumes, we need to figure out which game we'll actually be going to.  So, my dear Husky Fans, we begin our 30 Day countdown series with a look at the best potential road trips for you to prove your Husky fanaticism in 2015.

Option #1:  Boise State (Fri, Sept 4, 7pm PT)

It's always a great idea to jump in on a Husky road trip when the game happens to be the first game of the season.  The weather is almost always a plus, you are bound to run into some good friends and a lot of other Dawg fans, and it makes for a great opportunity to get a first look at the newest edition of your Dawgs.

Week 1 in Boise promises to be an even more special affair.

This isn't the forum to go into an analysis of the connections between Coach Pete, his staff and Boise State.  There will be plenty of time for that.  Needless to say, this promises to be an emotional game and one that you can bet the coaches will have taken extra care in preparing their team for.  Add in the fact that UW will be heavy underdogs, and you have the makings of what could be one special upset.  One that might be great to take in ... if you can find tickets.

Reasons to go: Underdog factor;  Potential for upset;  Lots of great things to do in Boise in the late summer

Reasons to stay home:  Huskies could get crushed;  Blue Turf may burn out your retinas;  BSU administrators don't want Husky fans there

Option #2:  USC (Thur, Oct 8, 6pm PT)

I'm not sure that I have to put a lot of words down to describe the appeal of this game.  Sure, we can talk about the fun of a road trip to the beach, the sunny Los Angeles weather and the potential for a side trip to a theme park of your choosing.  But the real intrigue with this matchup is the mano y mano showdown between "Seven Win Sark" and "Two-time Bear Bryant Winning No Bullshit Details Matter" Chris Petersen (isn't that his nickname?).  Not only is there the intrigue associated with the swapping of jobs (Sark moving to the USC job that Petersen turned down while Petersen moved into the UW job that Sark vacated), but there is this small matter of the thumping that Sark put on Petersen in their last matchup two seasons ago.

The Huskies figure to be severe underdogs in this matchup - at least as of now.  However, the Dawgs have had a decent amount of success against USC in the current "Era of Mediocrity" that we are not enjoying.  This could turn out to be a pretty entertaining game even before you consider the personalities of those roaming each sideline. If you also consider the fact that UW fans figure to have much of the stadium to themselves at kickoff (a 6pm kickoff ... on a Thursday???), it might be a pretty interesting atmosphere.  At the very least, there ought to be some pretty interesting Sark-hate signs.

Reasons to go: Disneyland;  Tui will be there; Most USC fans will be struggling in traffic at kickoff; Best opportunity to flip Sark the bird in person

Reasons to stay home: Disneyland; Beaches are overrated; Paparazzi roaming LAX are always a nuisance

Option #3:  Arizona State (Sat, Nov 14)

I admit it - I love trips to Tempe.  The weather is always fantastic.  I have friends there.  Mill Avenue and all of the surrounding areas are great for a casual night out (do not miss House of Tricks if you are a foodie).  While Sun Devil Stadium is a bit of a let down as a stadium, the crowd is usually pretty active and hospitable.  It's a good road trip.

This season, that road trip may be one not to be missed.  The Huskies have dropped 9 straight games to a Sun Devil team that has been mostly mediocre over that period of time.  In fact, UW hasn't won a game in Tempe since they reeled off two straight there in 2000 and 2001.  There isn't a stadium in the PAC 12 that UW has waited longer to win in (we last beat Oregon in Eugene in 2002).

Something's gotta give, and 2015 might just be the year.

Reasons to go:  Awesome location; OWW and Backspin are taking UW fans out golfing; Good food, good drinks, good times

Reasons to stay home:  Nobody likes the feel of sand in their eyes;  Sun Devil Stadium isn't exactly a "can't miss" spot;  Tailgating kind of sucks without tents, misters and 115 SPF sun block

The Verdict

@ Arizona State

The nine game losing streak to Arizona State that spans more than 13 years is coming to an end in 2015.

Mark my words.

You won't want to miss it, ladies and gentlemen.  When you see those Dawgs take to the field and put up the kind of fight that none of Sark's teams could ever muster on trips into the desert, you will be glad that you made the trip.  Huskies will be pouring out onto Mill Avenue and celebrating their upset victory in a scene of merriment and revelry that would make Caribbean Pirates blush.