IT schools Floyd Mayweather


Former UW guard Isaiah Thomas and boxer Floyd Mayweather are good friends. For those boxing fans out there, you know that Mayweather is set to face Andre Berto on September 12th. Showtime is featuring its standard shoulder programming to promote the event with its "All Access" program, a 30 minute episode giving you a behind-the-scenes look of how each fighter prepares for the fight. In this snippet, Thomas schools Mayweather on the court.

Apparently, Thomas’ team beat Mayweather’s team in 3 games to 2 with IT’s game prevailing in the deciding game and yelling "48-3!" at the end. Of course, this is in reference to Mayweather’s 48-0 boxing record.

IT is sporting a HIlltop Tacoma T-Shirt in homage to his hometown.

No word if IT received another vehicle from Mayweather for beating Money's squad.