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True Freshman Jake Browning Rumored to Have Won Washington Huskies QB Derby

If rumors are to be believed, Jake Browning will become the first true freshman to open a season as a Husky starting QB.

High School phenom Jake Browning appears to have won the UW QB job as a true freshman.
High School phenom Jake Browning appears to have won the UW QB job as a true freshman.

The Washington Huskies open up their season against the Boise State Broncos in just seven days.  As such, it is definitely "game week" on Montlake.  But who will get starter reps at the quarterback position remains a situation that has yet to be fully resolved for Chris Petersen and offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith.

Or has it?

Chris Fetters of tweeted earlier today about rumors concerning the Huskies' open QB position.

The possibility of true freshman Jake Browning seizing the opening day QB role has been one that has been percolating for some time, particularly after Chris Petersen made public comments about his desire to redshirt incoming JC transfer QB Tony Rodriguez.  If rumors are to be believed - and we here at the UWDP have heard, but are unable to corroborate, that the quarterbacks have already been informed  - then the Huskies will turn to a true freshman as an opening day starter for the first time in history.  It will also mark the first time in Chris Petersen's career that he has utilized a true frosh as a week 1 starter.

If the Dawgs do, in fact, go with Browning as the starter, questions related to the rest of the depth chart will continue to hound the staff.  Some fans have speculated that the losers of the wide-open QB derby would be bound to transfer.  However, those close to the program believe that junior Jeff LIndquist would not be looking to transfer under the circumstances, even if he falls to third on the depth chart.

Redshirt freshman KJ Carta-Samuels may be a different story.  He committed to UW only after the coaching staff at Vanderbilt turned over back in early 2014.  While it is hard to foresee KJCS as being at high-risk for transferring under these potential circumstances, the possibility cannot be ignored.  It may well be the case that KJCS could go into the Boise State game as Browning's backup.

Regardless, UW looks to be fully committed to a complete rebuild on the offensive side of the ball.  With true and redshirt freshman projected as starters or key rotational players at QB, RB, WR, OT and potentially OG, UW might have a hard time even matching last season's paltry output levels.  Of particular concern will be how well UW's offensive line will be able to block for Browning who is viewed as the least mobile and least physically developed of the three quarterbacks in the competition.  Chris Petersen, however, has maintained that he's not "playing for the future" and that the rotation decisions will continue to the be made with an eye towards maximizing win potential this season.

An announcement of the starting QB a the annual UW "Raise the Woof" event, which is underway at the time of writing, is not expected.  Petersen may not actually make any such announcement until next Friday just before kickoff.