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Day 7: Husky Stadium's Best Traditions

Every program has its sacred traditions. Teams touch rocks, signs, posters, and plaques as they enter their holy ground to play football. Stadiums and fans are woven into those traditions and are as much a part of them as the team is. What are Husky Stadium’s best traditions?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

#1 Sail-gating

What makes Husky Stadium a more unique experience than arriving by boat?  One of the best tailgating experiences in all of sports, "sail-gating" adds a uniquely Seattle experience to the already beautiful setting.  It screams Pacific Northwest, and is just plain awesome!  This is one of those traditions that opposing teams love to take part in as much as Husky fans, as it is one of the many reasons Seattle is a popular destination for other teams’ fans.  What better way to enjoy Lake Washington than by sitting on it, drinking beers, and getting pumped for the Huskies?

#2 Go Huskies Chant

It seems simple, but the Go Huskies chant is an incredible tradition at Husky Stadium.  About every team in the country does a similar "Go [mascot]" chant, but none louder and with more passion than at Husky Stadium.   This is type of chant that made the press box sway, TV cameras shake, and opposing teams lose their hearing.  Husky fans even bring the noise to road games; both in person and on TV I have heard the small traveling Husky section belt at the top of their lungs.  A third down for the Husky Defense wouldn’t be a third down without this chant ringing in your ears.  It’s a beautiful thing, people.

#3 Captain Husky

I know I’m technically cheating here by picking a retired tradition, but how awesome was Captain Husky?  He was the physical embodiment of what it means to be a true, longtime Husky fan.  Game after game, he emphatically led the spelling of "Huskies" for all the fans, all while dressed in Husky themed superman costume.  He concluded by obliterating a stuffed animal version of the opponent’s mascot.  It was a true grass roots tradition started by fans that reverberated through the stadium for years since its inception.  Sadly Captain Husky has retired but the memory will live on as one of the best traditions at Husky Stadium.

#4 Air Raid Siren

Unless your at Husky stadium, this is not a sound you want to hear.  But if you are lucky enough to be catching the Dawgs live in action, this siren is music to your ears!  One of the totally unique experiences at Husky Stadium is the air raid siren going off everytime the Huskies score.  Football is a battle, and what better way to embody that sentiment than with an actual air raid siren from WWII?  Opposing teams also think it's stupid, so it makes it all the better for us Husky fans.


I may get slammed for this, but I’m going with Captain Husky.  The Go Huskies chant is great, but plenty of teams do similar stuff.  Sail-gaiting may be the obvious choice but it feels slightly out of touch with the everyday fan experience.  Though retired, Captain Husky had it all: energy, passion, tradition, and fun.  It started as just a dude in a costume but grew into something more.  It didn’t start with some big marketing push, or manufactured ritual.  It felt organic, real, genuine, and honest.  Plus, the fervor with which he destroys this duck is just fascinating.

What’s your favorite tradition?