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Get to Know a Husky Commit: Taylor Rapp

Taylor Rapp, one of the top rated recruits in the state of Washington in 2016, stopped by to chat with the Dawg Pound.

Student Sports

Name: Taylor Rapp

Position: Safety

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Commitment Date: March 13, 2015

Graduating Early: Yes

Twitter: @trapp07

What They're Saying About Taylor:

Rapp has the potential to be a very good player in the secondary for multiple seasons as well as be an immediate contributor on special teams. He's a good athlete and an even better football player. I think he has a bright future in the Pac-12.

- Jamie Uyeyama,

The X-factor is Rapp's overall character...He has a 3.95 GPA and remains humble in all that he does.

- Jordan Johnson,

The one thing you notice when you watch Rapp play football is his natural football instincts. He runs really well, he has a nose for the ball and he's a violent hitter when he arrives at the ball-carrier. Rapp also possesses better than average speed, so he can play strong or free safety depending on the needs of the secondary.

- Scott Eklund,

And Here's What Taylor Has to Say:

UWDP: What made you choose Washington?

Taylor Rapp: I chose UW for a lot of reasons. One being I wanted to stay home and play in front of family and friends. The best players in the state need to stay home and play at UW. Coach Peterson is creating something special and I couldn't miss a chance to be a part of it, the whole coaching staff is incredible, the facilities and school are top notch as well. I will be receiving a very good education that will set me up for the rest of my life. Playing in the best conference in college football too!

UWDP: You’re listed as a safety on the recruiting sites, but also play running back for Sehome. Will the Washington staff use you on both offense and defense sort of like Shaq Thompson?

Taylor Rapp: I don't think I will be playing both sides of the ball in college, but who knows! I guess I won't rule that out.

UWDP: Is there a player(s) that you model your game after?

Taylor Rapp: Absolutely love the way the Seahawks' safeties play! The way Earl flies around the field gets me going. His effort cannot get any better and it's every single play.  And then the way Kam sets the tone of the game with being an enforcer also gets me going. I try to put max effort into every play like Earl does and I try to be the run-stopper and enforcer Kam is.

UWDP: Prior to Coach Petersen taking over there was a perception that UW was losing its appeal among the top in-state talent in Washington. What have Petersen and his staff done differently that has made UW so successful in getting most of the top Washington talent since they took over?

Taylor Rapp: I think Coach Petersen and the staff are just putting a lot more effort and making it a must to get the best in-state guys. They are really selling their pitch to the in-state guys and making it known that they need to stay home and be a Dawg in order for the program to be on top once again.

UWDP: What have been the best and worst things about the recruiting process?

Taylor Rapp: One of the best things about the recruiting process is that it truly humbles you as you go throughout the process. It is an amazing feeling to finally see all the hard work you put in go for show and not unnoticed. But it only humbles you and makes you work even harder. The worst thing about the recruiting process is definitely letting go to all the good, genuine relationships you have made with all the coaches that have recruited you. You make extremely good relationships with every school that has offered you and is recruiting you, but once you commit, you say bye to all the relationships you have made with all the other coaches that isn't the school you committed to.

UWDP: You played on the USA national team for a couple years. How has that experience benefited your game?

Taylor Rapp: Playing on the National team definitely has upped my game a ton. It let me create friends and relationships I will cherish forever. It also taught me so much about the game that I would've never learned in high school alone. It was a reality check as well, showing me that I need to get better. The competition was great. Names like Dwayne Haskins, Jared Mayden, Rashaun Smith, and Shea Patterson, the Elite 11 MVP this past year, were all apart of the program.

UWDP: Do you plan on graduating early?

Taylor Rapp: Yes, I will be graduating early from high school and be enrolling at UW at the start of January and the spring quarter. I took a few classes this summer quarter at Whatcom Community College right here in Bellingham, and am taking three more the fall quarter at Whatcom to get all my credits complete. After these final three classes this fall quarter at Whatcom, I will have all my credits for high school and will be graduating and ready to enroll at UW!

Once again, thank you to Taylor. Just talking to him briefly I can already tell he is going to be a fan favorite. He let me know that he "loves the Dawg fans!". We wish the best of luck to Taylor and his Sehome teammates this season!