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Huskies Lose a Linebacker

Off-season attrition continues for Washington as they are down a linebacker heading into fall camp.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Attrition is a fact of life for every football program.  Injuries can end a career.  Coaching changes often bring about an exodus of players as a new culture and new style takes hold.  Grades can be an issue for some kids.  Sometimes a player simply realizes he's lost his passion for the game.  And sometimes kids - and let's remember, we're talking about 18-22 years olds here, an age range rife with youthful transgressions - screw up enough to warrant a dismissal from the team.

News has come out today that LB Drew Lewis has been dismissed for a violation of team rules:

Lewis originally committed to Steve Sarkisian's staff in late June of 2013.  When Sarkisian left for USC Lewis took a long look around at other schools - particularly USC - but when it became clear Sark & the Trojans were not going to offer him he reiterated his commitment to Washington a little more than a week ahead of Signing Day 2014.  A high school safety, he was the only projected linebacker in the 2014 class.  Together with two preferred walk-ons in Matt Preston and Jake Wambaugh, he redshirted the 2014 season and bulked up, adding 27 pounds.

With Lewis gone, the Huskies now have 11 scholarship linebackers on the roster (not counting the BUCK position) and none in the 2018 graduating class.