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Where do Husky football players come from?

Taking a look at what high schools have produced the most Husky football players the past 10 years.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I have done articles in the past about which high schools produce the most Pac-12 players and during the long torturous off-season I thought it would be fun to take a look at which high schools produce the most Husky football players.

I went over every Husky football roster of the past 10 seasons to put together the data and below are some specific notes about how the data was pulled.

  • Every player is only counted once on the first year they show up in the roster.
  • Every player is counted no matter how short their career was as long as they showed up on an official Fall roster at least once.
  • Walk-ons are counted.
  • Data includes Class of 2015 signees that will arrive in the Fall.

So with that covered, here we go...

1. Bellevue (14 players)

Recent Husky standouts - Budda Baker

This should come as no surprise. The high school that has dominated Washington high school football for more than a decade produces the most Huskies. The Huskies have missed out on some marquee Bellevue players in the recent past, but they have also filled their roster with a lot of players from across the lake. Chris Petersen has also put the Huskies in great position to make sure that Bellevue starts to become an even bigger pipeline to Montlake.

2. O'Dea (9 players)

Recent Husky standouts - Ben Riva

Another non-surprise, Washington's top private football power has long fed the program with outstanding players. O'Dea seems to have lost some of its steam to Bellevue though as most of these players played in the 2000s as opposed to the 2010s.

3. Lakes (8 players)

Recent Husky standouts - Jermaine Kearse

Lakes has produced some great Huskies over the year and usually sends their marquee players to Washington when they have them. Without a doubt, the best pipeline for the Huskies outside of Seattle area.

4. Skyline, Narbonne (Harbor City, CA) & Jordan (Long Beach, CA) (6 players)

Recent Husky standouts - Kasen Williams (Skyline), Dashon Goldson (Narbonne), John Timu (Jordan)

Skyline followed Bellevue in becoming an Eastside power that produces a ton of college talent. While the Huskies have lost some big names at quarterback from there, they have filled up with some decent players from the powerhouse.

The Huskies had a ton of success recruiting in the Long Beach area under Steve Sarkisian and it shows here with Narbonne and Jordan being the top producing high schools outside of the state of Washington.

7.  Dorsey (Los Angles), East Valley (Redlands, CA), Grant (Sacramento), Kennedy (Burien, WA), Juanita (Kirkland, WA), Loyola (Los Angeles) (5 players)

Recent stars - Jaydon Mickens (Dorsey), Chris Polk (East Valley), Andrew Hudson (East Valley), Shaq Thompson (Grant), C.J. Wallace (Grant), Everrett Thompson (Kennedy), Nate Williams (Kennedy)

Now it starts to get muddy, but hardcore Husky fans should more than recognize all of these schools, especially since some have produced some really great recent Huskies.

Dorsey has been a nice recruiting ground for the Huskies with Beno Bryant coaching there.

The Huskies made a huge snag with Chris Polk out of East Valley and turned it into a mini-pipeline for a moment.

Getting Shaq Thompson out of Grant was one of the biggest recruiting scores in Husky history (If not the biggest) and they have landed some other nice recruits out of there in recent years.

Loyola is always in the Top Five schools for producing Pac-12 players in recent years, so it's no surprise the Huskies have harvested some there.

Juanita have done a nice job of supplying the Huskies with some depth and solid players from the Seattle suburbs recently.

These schools have produced four Husky players over the past 10 seasons


Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland)


Chaminade Prep (West Hills, CA)

Dominguez (Compton, CA)


Evergreen (Seattle)

Kamehameha (Honolulu)


McClymonds (Oakland)

Newport (Bellevue)


Rainier Beach

St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)