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Historic Day for UW Crew as Men Claim Fifth Straight National Championship

UW Crew had already made its mark by advancing all eight of its men's and women's boats to today's IRA Grand Finals. It only got better from there.

Five straight national championships for your UW Men's Varsity Crew
Five straight national championships for your UW Men's Varsity Crew
UW Husky Crew

UW has claimed yet another National Championship.

The Men's Crew program, which is very likely the most dominant college athletics program in any sport across the nation, claimed its fifth consecutive national championship in the Men's Varsity Eight this morning in the first race at the IRA championships in Lake Mercer, NJ.  It only got better from there.

UW's Men would go on and sweep all five races (Men's Varsity 8, 2V8, 3V8, Freshmen 8, and Varsity 4) that they participated in.  This is the third time in program history that the Huskies have swept all five of the grand finals in the IRA championships (along with 2012 and 2013).   It was a dominating display of program superiority as most of the races were won by big margins.

As noted above, this is the fifth straight national championship for the UW Men's Varsity 8 - an NCAA record.  But the accomplishments do not end there.  UW also won its ninth straight Ten Eyck Trophy.  The Ten Eyck is given to the overall points leader in the IRA championships across all races.  The Huskies now have claimed 18 National Championships, seven of the last nine National Championships, and nine straight  and 13 total Ten Eyck trophies.

The Women's Crew competed today with three boats in grand finals.  They had a great day even if they didn't have quite the showing that the Men had.  The ladies medaled in one race - taking the Bronze in the Women's 2V8 - and scoring 4th and 5th place finishes in the WV4 and WV8, respectively.  Congratulations to the Husky Women on another outstanding season.

Here are some celebratory tweets to cap off a great accomplishment for your Huskies.  #WOOF!

Here are the full Men's Results from today's IRA Grand Finals:

IRA Grand Finals

Men's varsity eight: 1. Washington, 5:28.015; 2. California, 5:30.798; 3. Princeton, 5:30.942; 4. Brown, 5:36.198; 5. Harvard, 5:38.680; 6. Northeastern, 5:41.296.

Second varsity eight: 1. Washington, 5:33.643; 2. Princeton, 5:34.667; 3. Boston University, 5:38.324; 4. California, 5:42.338; 5. Yale, 5:45.026; 6. Brown, 5:49.037.

Third varsity eight: 1. Washington, 5:40.389; 2. Harvard, 5:43.194; 3. California, 5:44.451; 4. Brown, 5:49.432; 5. Princeton, 5:51.182; 6. Yale, 5:51.224.

Men's varsity four: 1. Washington, 6:16.321; 2. California, 6:19.612; 3. Stanford, 6:19.858; 4. Wisconsin, 6:22.472; 5. Temple, 6:26.743; 6. Harvard, 6:35.443.

Freshmen eight: 1. Washington, 5:39.366; 2. California, 5:44.085; 3. Pennsylvania, 5:47.034; 4. Wisconsin, 5:48.194; 5. Cornell, 5:55.310; 6. Drexel, 6:04.010.