Featured (Opposing) Fanpost: Why Boise State Will Beat UW

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Update: We don't get a ton of opposing fan Fanposts over here at the UWDP. Whenever we get a good-natured one such as this, it pretty much gets an automatic bump. Let's have a friendly fan/opposing fan dialogue in the comments thread.--CL

Hello everybody, and calm down.

The title was just to get things going a bit. I, like you, am sick of waiting for football season to get here. The good news is we are only 97 days away from a very exciting season opener. No Idaho Vandal cupcake games for us. We will be tested very early and I feel both teams will benefit from it.

That said, I feel this game means much more to BSU than UW. We get a shot at revenge for the spanking you guys gave us in WA. You beat us so bad our coach left to join you and we all hated you. Fortunately for us, we got back our former OC in Bryan Harsin and BSU football continued as normal. If this game was last year, you probably would see many bitter Bronco fanposts looking for the blood of coach Pete. After another Fiesta bowl win, however, I think many more are happy he left and we got some new blood.

So back to the title. How bad will you guys lose? Both teams will struggle early with a new QB, but what about defense? You guys had a lot of talent go to the NFL and we have almost our whole defense back along with some who missed due to suspension and injury. Couple that with the fact it is a home game for us and I can't see you guys winning. You have an advantage in the fact that your coaches know our players and coaches, but I feel that is countered by the extra motivation our players will have to show their old coach who he walked out on.

One other thing: After we beat you, please go on to win the Pac-12. It will help us greatly in regards to sos. In that regard, it is in your best interest to lose. Look at season opening opponents of BSU. VA Tech, Oregon, and UGA each went on to win their divisions after losing to us and both VA Tech and Oregon won their conference. Also, I really want to see Oregon get knocked down a peg or 2.

P.S. My writing is not great so leave me alone!