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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Crew Championship Edition)

The Gekko and Dots ... together like Kibbles and Bits.

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  • We start with UW Crew which has already hit the water this morning in Day 1 of the IRA.  The Huskies will be seeking another IRA Championship.  You can check out the schedule here and a live stream right here.  Make sure to follow @UWHuskyCrew on Twitter for live results.
  • Congratulations to Crew Coach Michael Callahan on his sixth Pac 12 Coach of the Year award.

  • Need a little more Crew to get you fired up for today?

    Washington War Paint from Washington Rowing on Vimeo.

  • Also chasing their own Championship is the UW Men's Golf team.  Check out Mason Kelley's latest work on how UW has overcome adversity to position themselves for a big run.

  • NFL OTAs are underway, but former UW NT Danny Shelton is not present at Cleveland's.  No, it isn't a contract issue.  It turns out he has some other pressing matters to take care of back home.
  • Speaking of Shelton, it turns out that the trick to making a Coug like a Dawg is to involve the Seattle Mariners in some way.

  • The Tennessee Titans are all in on RB Bishop Sankey and looking forward to seeing what he can do with Marcus Mariota presumably coming on board to take over at QB.  Coach Whisenhunt would like the UW legend to add some bulk this season.
  • Look who is making his own appearance at an OTA:

  • Not to be out done by Coach Choate, another senior Husky Coach made his own appearance at a pro OTA.  #GoDawgs #Seahawks #ProDawgs

  • We often talk about the sausage-making that is college football recruiting.  Here is a clip that Ryan Priest picked up on documenting how Miami Football coaches go through the decision process on making an offer.

  • Finally, a little Men's Hoops for you. There have been a lot of rumors swirling about Husky Alums coming out of the woodwork and standing up for the program in right of some recent events. Its good to see the Huskies closing the wagons in support of one another.

  • UPDATED: UW's Chris Petersen was on Brock and Salk this morning (after I initially scheduled the Dots). Here is his interview (h/t Andrew M Smith for the link)