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100 Things We Can't Wait to See When UW Kicks Off 100 Days From Now

The mother of all offseason lists as we enter into the 100 day countdown to kickoff.

The day has finally arrived, my friends.

Yup, that's right.  We are officially on the clock.  100 days to go to Husky Gameday.

100 days may feel like it is so far out there that it isn't even worth acknowledging.  Have heart, I say!  100 days is an important milestone in what are the dog - or shall we say dawg - days of the football offseason.  From this point forward, the days until kickoff will be counted in only double digits.  I know, right?  YAY!

While you may not be as excited as I am on this important occasion, I invite you to nevertheless enjoy my ode to 100 days.  For your pleasure, I 've constructed my top 100 list of all things UW football that I cannot wait for.

That's right .. a Top 100.  This is the mother of all Offseason Lists, so enjoy them and check in with some of your own list items in the comment threads below.

Top 100 Things We Can't Wait For from UW Football in 2015

100.  "Hello Dawg Fans"

99.  How Pete Kwiatkowski changes his defense to create pressure on the quarterback

98.  Jaydon Mickens's leadership ... and his midriff jersey.  In whatever order.

97.  The Wall of Beef:  Vita Vea , Greg Gaines and Elijah Qualls in a game on the same snap

96.  More fanposts from HowlingHusky on the strategic value of pooch punts

95.  Whether or not elite WR recruits like Tyler Vaughns, Simi Fehoko or Javon McKinley will pick the UW cap

94.  Resenting the banishment of the Huskies to all those late Saturday night time slots

93.  Jonathan Smith's evolution as both a QB coach and an offensive playcaller

92.  Watching Chris Petersen put Mike Leach squarely on the hot seat after a dominating Apple Cup

91.  Hearing the first siren of the season

90.  Crappy cellular service while at the game ... because we all ought to be paying attention

89.  Hitting up the best dive bar in the world - the Duchess - and grabbing a cold one with my friends

88.  Landing our next QB recruit (hello Max Gilliam?)

87.  The first display of Austin Joyner's tantalizing athleticism

86.  Siosifa Tufunga's snaps

85.  Seeing what UW personalities I happen to run into at the RAM

84.  The offense's pace of play continuing to be faster than USC's much to Crazi's chagrin

83.  Out-Stanfording Stanford.  #PhysicalDawgs

82.  Flipping an Oregon commit.  Any of them.

81.  New uniform combinations and the old guys around here losing their minds over them

80.  Darrell Daniels.  Unleashed.

79.  The first opportunity that we get to compare Chico McClatcher to De'Anthony Thomas

78.  The emergence of the kicking game as a weapon

77.  The debut of Kevin King and that 6'3" frame at CB

76.  Chris Petersen's signature win as a coach for the Washington Huskies

75.  #Drop50 ... or, shall we say #Drop7?

74.  A redshirt and Scout Team Player of the Year campaign for Jake Browning

73.  The inevitable rumors sure to surround Todd Graham after another decent year in Tempe

72.  Watching the Duck fanbase implode when their undefeated season ultimately gets unrailed

71.  How much his hair style adds to Ellijah Qualls's measured height

70.  More Husky camp videos produced by the best sports media group in the businesss

69.  Kirk's recruiting reports

68.  Travis Feeney playing so fast that his hair literally catches on fire

67.  Avoiding any suspensions or booting of key players (ahem, Marcus Peters) from the team

66.  Jake Eldrenkamp protecting the blindside ... and doing it well

65.  Game day open threads and all of the good times that ensue

64.  Trying to get a ride on Jimmy Lake's boat when I visit town

63.  More Seahawks and Huskies collaboration

62.  A first glimpse at Benning Potoa'e at Defensive End

61.  Watching Chris Petersen outcoach Steve Sarkisian in the Coliseum

60.  Letters from OneWoodWacker to Chris Petersen highlighting local talent he'd like to see recruited

59.  Waiting to see what class Chris Petersen next jumps in on as a guest lecturer

58.  Seeing Cory Littleton make a surprise run against an all-conference campaign

57.  Kickoffs that go out of the endzone.

56.  Darren Gardenhire continuing his spring-time pick-fest

55.  Seeing Brent Pease smile

54.  The development of Dante Pettis and Brayden Lenius as go-to receivers

53.  A role be defined for the enticing Jamon Dotson

52.  Ditto that for Kieshawn Bierria

51.  Figuring out what Ezekiel Turner can do when given the opportunity

50.  Seeing what role David Ajamu establishes for himself

49.  A huge upset somewhere on the schedule

48.  Another season's worth of Jeff Choate interviews

47.  Talking about a player that nobody is talking about:  Jaylen Johnson

46.  Celebrating KJ Carta-Samuels's first career TD pass ... whenever that happens

45.  Carousing at the Big Time

44.  Reacquainting myself with Christian Caple's YouTube channel

43.  The end of the discussion on how easy it is to replace receivers on a college roster

42.  Taking my kids on a stroll around Green Lake before gameday

41.  Writing my next bitch-fest article about the Pac 12 Network not being on DirecTV

40.  Counting how many blog flags I acquire for being "too negative" by the time of the BSU kickoff

39.  Sailgating

38.  Lear Pilot begining his transformation back from excessive optimist to hardened cynic

37.  Not missing Lou Holtz on ESPN broadcasts

36.  The emergence of Sidney Jones as an elite Pac 12 shutdown corner

35.  Observing UW finally pass the "eyeball test"

34.  Listening to an unnamed Husky sports media personality continue to say inappropriate things about UW co-eds and create awkward moments with his co-hosts on the air

33.  The welcoming of new writers and contributors to the ‘Pound

32.  Walking across campus and stopping to take in the full glory of the Fountain and the Mountain as I turn off of Red Square

31.  Budda Baker: 3-way player

30.  Discovering what position JoJo Mathis ends up playing

29.  Sampling a little bit of Northlake Tavern Pizza

28.  The comeback of Shane Brostek

27.  Watching Will Dissly become the next "2-star" darling of the ESPN Pac 12 Blog

26.  Listening to Gus Johnson broadcast a game and googling "Cold-Blooded" just for the fun of it

25.  Seeing John Ross lead from the sideline and dreaming about what 2016 will be like

24.  Watching how the offense first responds to adversity

23.  The inevitable decline of UCLA without Brett Hundley at the helm

22.  Raise the Woof

21.  Azeem Victor's first blown-up tailback

20.  Chris Petersen's return to Boise State

19.  Setting UWDP blog records for hits and unique visitors

18.  Watching Dexter Charles become a dominant Guard

17.  Laying a $1M Internet bet with Brad on who will score UW's first Pick-6 on the season (I'm going with Scott Lawyer)

16.  (speaking of bets) Seeing the resolution to HowlingHusky and OWW's famous wager

15.  Seeing how this team bounces back from its first tough loss of the season

14.  Tailgating with some of my UWDP brethren on whichever weekend I make it to Montlake

13.  End of game clock management

12.  Randall's gameday "by the numbers" pieces

11.  Seeing who emerges as UW's sack leader

10.  More Husky Honks

9.  Surpassing both Addicted to Quack and Coug Center on blog traffic ratings

8.  Hitting up the UW Bookstore for another years' worth birthday and Christmas presents

7.  Dwayne Washington zipping past linebackers in the open field

6.  Lavon Coleman bulldozing linebackers in the open field

5.  The end of the Oregon win streak on a glorious day at Husky Stadium

4.  Deontae Cooper:  leading and inspiring

3.  Husky legends

2.  Greeting Jeff Lindquist as our starting QB - a true Dawg who has earned a shot

1.  Shocking the world