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Washington Huskies vs. Utah Utes Open Game Thread

The regular season concludes with Senior Night against the Utes.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Huskies (15-14, 4-13) vs. #13 Utah Utes (23-6, 13-14), Saturday March 7th, 1:30pm, Pac-12 Networks.

This afternoon will be slightly different from recent ugly losses in that Washington will be honoring its two seniors, Shawn Kemp Jr. and Mike Anderson, pregame.

It will be a lot like those recent ugly losses in that the Huskies are likely to be beaten by at least 15 points in front of a sparse home crowd.

Shawn Kemp Jr. will not be able to take the court at HecEd one last time due to continued concussion symptoms, and I'm not sure what to say about that beyond that it's a massive bummer.

It's unclear whether or not Donaven Dorsey will play after missing the Colorado game earlier in the week.

That means another starting five made up of NWG, Andrews, Anderson, Jarreau, and Dierickx. Against the #13 team in the nation that just will not cut it.

You know, unless the Huskies receive a jolt of made-for-TV movie inspiration and go off on behalf of Anderson and Kemp. I could get behind that.

Read my full preview and prediction here.

Enjoy the game and Go Dawgs!

Update: Looks like Kemp will actually miss the game due to a calf injury, not the earlier concussion. Also, Dorsey is probable to play.