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NCAA Women's Tournament Selection Open Thread

While Selection Sunday gets all the hype, March Madness is not just for men's basketball - tonight at 4PM PT the brackets for the Women's NCAA Tournament will be announced. Washington appears poised for their first NCAA bid since 2007.

G Kelsey Plum
G Kelsey Plum
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of a promising men's basketball season that suddenly had the bottom fall out of it, many Husky fans have been feeling left-out in the past few days as the conference tournaments reached a conclusion and the hype of Selection Sunday and seeing brackets filled out dominated sports talk yesterday and today.  Well fear not Husky fans - the women's team can fill that niche for you, as their 23-9 campaign looks to make them locks for an at-large bid tonight to the Women's Basketball Tournament.

Old-timers will remember the women's basketball program as one that used to challenge Stanford for conference supremacy back in the '80's under Coach Chris Gobrecht only to see a slow decline after she left for Florida State.  Things began to pick up again under Coach Kevin McGuff, and when he left after just two seasons to go to Ohio State, his top assistant Mike Neighbors stepped in and has kept the program on an upward trajectory, recording the program's fourth-straight 20+ win season and post-season tournament bid.

The Huskies finished 5th in a tough Pac-12 field at 11-7 (all four teams ahead of the Huskies are ranked in the top-25) and were 23-9 overall, including wins over #7 Florida State, #21 Texas A&M, #10 Oregon State and #24 California.  It's an exciting, high-scoring team (74.9 ppg, 24th in the country) led by the nation's 7th ranked scoring leader Kelsey Plum (22.8 ppg), the program's all-time scoring leader Jazmine Davis and some great post play from Talia Walton, Aminah Williams and Chantel Osahor.

The team is hosting an open viewing party beginning at 3:45PM at the Touchdown Terrace in Husky Stadium and will be conducting an open practice in Alaska Airlines Arena after the selection show ends.  You can watch the selection show on ESPN.