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John Berkowitz's Mailbag

It took us a little while, but John B answered your questions. Good stuff all around.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

John Berkowitz, the founding father of the UW Dawg Pound blog, agreed to do a little Q&A with us over the holiday.  Some techincal difficulties made publishing his responses to your original questions a little difficult.  However, a little call to the Google, a recovery of a key password and ... voila!  I have the opportunity to publish John's original responses.

Enjoy our Q&A with John Berkowitz.

ResilientDawg: I always appreciated your insight without fostering rumors or disclosing private information. If you don't mind sharing, what kind of connections do/did you have to the program e.g. friends in the AD, boosters, players, etc?

John Berkowitz: I grew up around the program and the University. I have many friends who share the same passion who are former players, sportwriters, and current boosters.

Anon: John, happy new year. You are still fresh in our minds. Are you impressed with all the high level talent it took to replace you?

JB: I think it is great that the Pound continues on and most importantly continues to evolve without my involvement.

RockDawg: Do you have a list of the original members, I know that I started reading right after you started but did not register until you made a plea, six or so months in.

JB: We had three original members and all three of us are still in contact through the Dawgman site. Teaming up with Nathan Ware really helped it grow.

ElvislovesUW: There were more players on our wish list than are scholarships available for the 2015 football recruiting season. Is it always a first come first served, filling a position of need, or the " best athlete available"?

JB: We heard all along that they were taking 24 They could have taken as many as 28 if the right guys had wanted to come.

hairofthedawg: What Chicago food recipe should I try to copy?

JB: Hmmm...deep dish pizza.

GlendaleDawg: Hey Jonny B. ...Do you ever regret leaving the UWDP? ...Thanks man!

JB: No, I enjoy simply being a fan again. Nathan Ware felt the same way when he moved on.

Kirk's Conscience: What is the one position group you see taking the furthest step forward next season? Furthest step back?

JB: QB's are definitely stepping forward. There is still a lot of returning talent on the defensive front 7 but I don't see how you can easily replace three All Americans. They will step way back.

Muxeltoe: Who are the two or three best players going into 2015 that Husky fans have hardly seen yet?

JB: I will pick 2. Elijah Qualls on defense and K.J. Carta Samuels on offense. Have you ever seen a 300 lb man do a standing backflip? I have seen Elijah do that.  Also, keep an eye on Carta-Samuels this spring. He is going to make his move. I don't see Cyler being the starter next fall unless he dramatically improves. In my mind he isn't an OKG.