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Signing Day Discussion Thread

All the faxes are in and the Dawgs have themselves a class ranked between #24 ( and #30 ( Come join us in this discussion thread to talk about the class, the rankings, Chris Petersen's comments and whatever else catches your interest.

The "Blue Mamba" is a Husky - will he become the dynamic play-maker this offense needs?
The "Blue Mamba" is a Husky - will he become the dynamic play-maker this offense needs?
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While Chris Petersen doesn't go for drama on Signing Day, there was some to be had for Husky fans as they waited to see what 4-star RB Chris Warren would do.  If he's to be believed, it came down to a coin flip on stage at the signing day ceremony at his school, and had it come up Dawgs, he would have donned Husky gear and the purple & gold balloons his family brought with them would have been displayed.  Alas, the coin come up Longhorns and Warren will wear the burnt orange.

They also come up just short for DE Mika Tafua as he finally decided to renew his commitment to BYU and sign with the Cougars.  It was reportedly an agonizing decision for him that could have gone either way.  In a mild surprise, WR Jaylinn Hawkins opted to sign with Cal over the presumed favorite ASU, as it appears Washington was ruled out in the last few days.

Still, this is a good-looking class with a mix of star power, local talent, impressive size and a couple of sleepers. was the most impressed with the class as they currently sit at #24 in the country and 5th in the Pac-12; the system at was more circumspect, placing the Huskies at #30 nationally and 7th in the conference, while 247Sports split the difference, ranking them #27 in the country and 6th in the conference.  USC and UCLA ran away with top honors in the Pac-12, and Washington fell into the next tier with Oregon, ASU, Stanford and Cal.

Christian Caple was at the 1PM news conference where Petersen talked about the class and had this report along with a short clip from the presser.

Finally, has a full run-down of all the new signees - check it out here.

What do you think Dawg fans - does this class meet your expectations?  Exceed them?  Fall short?  Talk about it below...