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4 Star DL Benning Potoa'e is a Husky

The Huskies get yet another prospect from on of their top pipeline schools.

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 265

Rankings: 4* #18 DE by Scout, 4* #11 WDE by 247

Benning Potoa'e is the brother of former Husky Sione Potoa'e, and for a long time it was thought that the Huskies didn't have a shot with him. The story had always been that he wanted to leave the state and venture out, but ultimately the allure of staying close to home won out. Maybe Chris Petersen isn't such a bad recruiter after all?

Potoa'e was generally regarded as the second best prospect in the state, and coming from Lakes -- where the Huskies have gotten a ton of big time contributors over the years -- he was a guy that the Huskies needed to land, and guys like him are going to be the top priority targets for the current staff as long as they're here.

Ideally Potoa'e would redshirt, but with the losses on the defensive front he'll have a chance to compete early on, and if he lives up to the hype, he may see the field as a true freshman.