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3 Star OLB Tevis Bartlett is a Husky

The Huskies add the top player from Wyoming to their class.

LB Tevis Bartlett
LB Tevis Bartlett
Student Sports

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 215

Rankings: 3* #48 OLB by Scout, 3* #64 ATH by 247

Tevis Bartlett is the top player in Wyoming this year, and with good reason. It really feels like his rating of three starts is more a function of laziness of recruiting sites and their bias, in that if he played in the south he'd be a shoo-in to be a four star player.

Colleges did not display such shortcomings, as Bartlett had offers from schools across multiple conferences, including Iowa, Utah, and Oregon. The Huskies really got a good one in Bartlett, and it'll be a huge surprise if he doesn't become a major contributor at some point in his career as a Husky.