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3 Star OLB D.J. Beavers is a Husky

The Huskies nab a linebacker with huge upside out of California.

LB D.J. Beavers
LB D.J. Beavers
Student Sports

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 205

Rankings: 3* #44 OLB by Scout, 3* #42 OLB by 247

D.J. Beavers is a high three star linebacker recruit with a nice offer list. Nebraska, Miami, and Wisconsin are among the schools that had offered him, and if you want to talk about some of the better three star players the Huskies may have signed in the 2015 class, Beavers is in that conversation.

Beavers plays like a missile, and runs through ballcarriers and quarterbacks in his effort to bring them down. He plays fast and hard and is definitely someone that offenses have to account for as a blitzing linebacker -- something UW has been sorely lacking for years. He should be a terror on special teams early in his career. He's rail thin now, and is a couple years away from being ready for every down play on defense, but he should definitely see some time early in his career after a redshirt season.