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3 Star CB Jordan Miller is a Husky

The Huskies picked up a verbal commitment from the Oceanside player over the summer.

DB Jordan Miller
DB Jordan Miller
Student Sports

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 175

Rankings: 3* #89 CB by Scout, 3* #70 CB by 247

Jordan Miller is a quick and athletic kid who is not afraid to get his body in on run support. His upside is his athleticism -- watch him block a kick with his legs on his Hudl below -- but he does everything well enough right now that he's not just an upside player. You can see his potential as an early contributor on special teams as well as in UW's battles for a nickle defender within the first few years of his career. He has the kind of length that a lot of teams are liking from their DB's recently.

Fortunately for UW, they signed a boatload of DB's a year ago, and with Sidney Jones and Naijiel Hale looking like legitimate Pac-12 performers, Miller will be able to redshirt and put on some weight to his somewhat lanky frame.