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Can the Huskies make a post-season tournament?

The Huskies can still salvage its season with a strong ending to the regular season.

Can Romar rally his team?
Can Romar rally his team?
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

With only one game against Washington State last week, there was not much the Dawgs could do to improve its placement in the conference and its RPI.

The Huskies RPI jumped up to 89 after defeating the Cougars on Sunday night. They are now 7th in Pac 12 RPI behind Arizona (7), Utah (11), Oregon (47), UCLA (48), Stanford (54) and Arizona State (86).

We all know that barring a Pac 12 Conference Tournament win the Huskies will not make the NCAA Tournament. However, with a strong ending to the season, the Dawgs still have a chance at the NIT. At this point, the Huskies are are on the outside looking in for the NIT according to several sites that predict the NIT. I'm not sure that the Huskies will take a CBI bid. Remember Valpo?

At this point, the Bruins, the Huskies opponent tonight, are on the bubble. Joe Lunardi has the Bruins in the "First Four" at a 12 seed. Lunardi has Stanford as one of the first four out thus Arizona, Utah, UCLA and Oregon make the tourney according to Lunardi.

Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation has the Bruins on the outs while Oregon, with its win against Utah this past weekend is in. Stanford is one of the last four in. Utah and Arizona round out the Pac 12 representatives for the tournament.

CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm only has 3 teams from the Pac 12 with UCLA and Stanford on the outside and Arizona, Utah and Oregon in.

As for the tournament that the Huskies know that they are in this March - the Pac 12 tournament, they will play on the first night in Vegas. Thus, the Huskies will need to win 4 in a row to win the tournament. At this point, the Dawgs are the 11th seed and will face the 6th seed. Right now, that would be the UCLA Bruins, tonight’s opponent.