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Woodward on Husky basketball: "We're in a trough"

UW Athletic Director Scott Woodward backs Lorenzo Romar despite the likelihood the Dawgs will miss the tournament again.

UW AD backs Lorenzo Romar despite likelihood the Dawgs will miss the tourney again.
UW AD backs Lorenzo Romar despite likelihood the Dawgs will miss the tourney again.
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On Monday afternoon, Dave “Softy” Mahler interviewed UW Athletic Director Scott Woodward to discuss a variety of subjects including the future of Lorenzo Romar.

Last week, Woodward gave the vaunted “full support” for Romar amidst one of the toughest seasons for the Huskies’ coach.  In speaking with Christian Caple of the Tacoma News Tribune, Woodward indicated he was giving a “long-term approach” with respect to Romar and the men’s team.  Translation:  He’s going nowhere.

On with Softy on Monday, Woodward reiterated those comments and stated that “we’re in a trough” describing the losing and “personnel issues” (i.e., the dismissal of Robert Upshaw) this season.  Woodward stated that he was happy with Romar’s recruiting class next season and 2016.

When Softy asked about whether Lorenzo’s contract was an issue, Woodward deflected the issue saying “whether his kids are graduating, whether they are getting a great experience and importantly, whether they are winning has a lot to do with it.”

Softy indicated he had 5 years left where he made around $1.7 million per year not including bonsues.  Previously, he earned $1.3 million per year prior to re-signing.  Romar inked a 10 year extension in 2010.  It runs through March 2020 and according to Caple’s TNT story Romar has a $4.2 million buyout if the contract were to terminate before April 1 of this year.  It decreases to $3.5 million next year and $3.2 million in 2017.

Some other tidbits from Softy’s radio interview on 950 KJR:

Woodward stated, “Fundraising couldn't be better.”

Woodward indicated that the school is in the infancy stages of building a Basketball Operations facility for both the men’s and women’s teams.

When asked about the start times for the Pac 12 games, he acknowledged the issue due to the Pac 12’s TV contracts.

He did not want to talk about “individual student athletes” (i.e., Robert Upshaw).  Rather, Woodward gave general praise about how Romar works with his players.  He stated he is involved in student athlete issues daily.

So for those that have been down on this season, we should expect Romar to be back.  Obviously, the looming buyout is a huge financial issue for those wanting him gone this year.  With the talk of the UW building a Basketball Operations facility in the coming years, the school likely hopes Romar will be one of the two (women’s coach Mike Neighbors as well) chief residents when the doors eventually open.

Hopefully, the Dawgs can bring their shovels to Pauley Pavillion tonight.