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Huskies falling off the bubble

With losses to the Oregon schools last week, the NCAA tournament is looking bleak.

Are hopes for a tourney birth over?
Are hopes for a tourney birth over?
Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It was over 11 years ago that Nate Robinson hit a 3-pointer against Oregon State in Corvallis to salvage a season that was spiraling out of control.  The Dawgs came back from 16 down in the second half to win and end a 5 game losing skid and give the Huskies its first conference win.  The Dawgs then went on an epic tear winning 13 of their next 16 games and earned an NCAA tournament bid.

Folks…to paraphrase Rick Pitino, Nate Robinson isn’t walking through that door.  Neither is a healthy Brandon Roy and based on watching Sunday’s game neither are buckets.

With a loss to the Beavers in which the Dawgs shot just 35% from the field and gagged over 22 turnovers, the Huskies have disappeared from the radar when it comes to Bracketology watch.

In fact, the Dawgs have surfaced on an NIT-watch list as a #6 seed.  That’s right, in late December the team was thought of as 3 seed in the NCAA tournament and now may be in danger of missing the NIT.

Washington sits at 11 in the conference with a porous 3-8 record.  According to ESPN, it has a 75 RPI which ranks 7th in the Pac 12.  Arizona (7), which the Huskies play on Friday leads the Pac 12.  Utah (12), Stanford (44) and UCLA (49) follow.  Arizona State (95), the team that upset Arizona this past week, play the Huskies Sunday.

If it makes anyone feel better, in the Pac 12 the Huskies have the second highest Non-Conference RPI (16) with Arizona having the highest (4).

As for the Bracketology prognostications, the Huskies are no longer mentioned in any of the predicted brackets.

This week, CBS’ Jerry Palm predicts 3 Pac 12 teams making the tournament.  Oregon sits on the outside as a "First Four Out."  Arizona, Utah and Stanford are in the tournament this week.  Notably, 3 teams the Huskies beat: Oklahoma, San Diego State and Eastern Washington are predicted in the tournament as well.

Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation doesn't have the Huskies in March Madness.  Only Arizona, Utah and Stanford are in the tournament.  UCLA and Oregon are on the wrong side of the bubble.

Joe Lunardi of ESPN has a similar bracket with the 3 Pac 12 teams in and the Bruins and Ducks on the outside looking in.  No sign of the Huskies.

With home games against Arizona and Arizona State, the Huskies will need both wins to stay relevant in Bracketology talk.