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Washington Huskies vs. California Bears Open Game Thread

Still reeling from the loss of Upshaw and a rough loss to Stanford, the Huskies attempt to dispatch the Bears.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Huskies (14-6, 3-5) vs. Cal Bears (12-9, 2-6), Sun Feb. 1st, 12:00pm, Pac-12 Networks.

In a contest sure to be overshadowed by the Super Bowl that will begin only three hours later, the Huskies will continue to play on without the help of Robert Upshaw (dismissed) and Jernard Jarreau (injured).

Coach Romar is 0-1 since being forced to remove the seven-footer from his roster, and with a road trip to Oregon on the horizon, a win here would serve as a much needed statement: that the season is not yet finished.

To pull it off, NWG and Andrews will need to rein in do-it-all guard Tyrone Wallace and Shawn Kemp Jr. will need to do the work of two men as Washington's lone quality big man.

You can read my full preview and prediction here.

Enjoy the game and Go Dawgs!