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Instant Recap:Huskies cruise to 100-67 victory over Mt. Saint Mary's

The Huskies raced out to a 17-0 lead against the Mountaineers and never looked back, as they were glide to a 100-67 blowout. They were led by a monster night by their freshman forward Marquese Chriss.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskies took little time to  dispense  the Mount St. Mary's Mountaineers Thursday Night as they jumped out a 17-0 lead to start the game. They were able to successfully keep the Mountaineers out of the paint, forcing them to settle for tough three point shots, and were able to hold Mt. Saint Mary's scoreless for nearly five minutes to start the game.

Freshman wing Mattisse Thybulle and freshman forward Marquese Chriss paced the Huskies offensively. After registering his first points as a collegiate player with an easy lay up, Thybulle got it going from deep as he knocked down two threes. For his part, Chriss showed off his athleticism as he overwhelmed forward Gregory Graves, taking the ball out of his hands. and scoring an easy put back. He also showed off his perimeter  skills when he knocked down a nice corner jump-shot.

After an impressive start the Huskies stalled a bit on offense, as they committed three offensive fouls in the span of five minutes. However, Mount Saint Mary's was unable to capitalize, as the Huskies were able to extend their lead to 31-13 at the 8:46 mark.  To their credit, the Mountaineers battled back well, rattling of a nice run and cutting the lead to 40-25 by the 3:40 mark. The Huskies were sloppy during this stretch. Marquese Chriss turned the ball over twice, and also missed an easy lay up, and Dejounte Murray missed an oftfan easy f balance three. However, they later atoned for their sins when Murray threw a nice pass to Chriss who finished the play with an emphatic dunk. The Huskies also seemed to lose focus a bit on the defensive side of the ball during this stretch. Malik Dime in particular, as he gave up two wide open threes, and was late to show on another three point attempt.

The Huskies were able to regroup and rattle off a 9-0 run in the last two minutes of the game to take a 51-28 lead into halftime. Freshman guard David Crisp had two nice drives during this stretch, and also hit Chriss for an impressive one dribble dunk in transition.

The Mountaineers opened up the second half on a 6-2 run, over a four minute period. Though Murray was able to end the run a little bit, the Huskies were incredibly sloppy during this stretch, throwing quite a few errant passes. Nevertheless, the Huskies were still able to maintain a comfortable lead, which was pushed to 20 with an emphatic dunk at the 14 minute mark. There was a bit of controversy after Chriss took a charge on guard Junior Robinson. After the play Robinson appeared to roll his legs up on Chriss and step on the back of his head. After a long deliberation at the monitor, the refs decided that their was no foul play, and Robinson was allowed to stay in the game. It was a bad decision by the refs as he should've been ejected.

The Huskies were able to cruse to an easy victory, and the last ten minutes of the game finished about the way you would expect, with quite a few impressive plays, and an equal amount of boneheaded mistakes and turnovers.  Onto the takes.

  • First and foremost, this was the Marquese Chriss show. He finished the game with a career high (which goes without saying) 29 points and 10 rebounds, and all of his skills were on display. He ran the floor and finished impressive lay ups and dunks, and skied for rebounds. He also showed off his impressive ability to quickly get off the floor, evidenced by his impressive dunk in the second half where, after a ball was tipped over the head of his defender he was able to gather the ball and quickly spring off two feet and throw down a viscous one handed dunk. Granted, he may not have been able to  pull this off against a Pac-12 team, but it was impressive feat nonetheless.  Chriss also showed off his ability to shoot the ball, as he knocked down two mid range jump shots and also stepped behind the arc to knock down a three as well. Chriss still has obvious room for improvement, he needs to work on his ability to box out ,and is sloppy with his passing at times, but man, did he have a game tonight. Granted, this outburst came against vastly inferior competition, but he flashed his NBA potential in a big way tonight.
  • Andrew Andrews had a solid game, as he finished with 20 points from the field, including 5-6 from the field and 10-13 from the charity stripe. With the way college basketball games are being officiated this year, his ability to draw fouls will be a valuable asset for the Huskies throughout the season. Despite Andrews  Andrews solid game, I  would still like to see him make better decisions, he rushed a few bad shots throughout the night, and even though a couple of them ended up falling, they still are not good decisions despite the result. He was also prone to getting sped up a bit when Mt. Saint Mary's implemented their full court press, and the rest of the team started to rush their pace of play as a result. It would be nice to see Andrews play with more poise at times, as this team obviously follows his lead, and is prone to getting sped up and playing out of control.
  • The Huskies ran their high low offense quite a bit tonight ,and this an offense that I would like to see them lean on when Chriss and Dickerson are on the floor together at the same time. They are both remarkably skilled, and they compliment each other nicely, as Chriss is able to face up and attack the hoop and knock down jump shots, and Dickerson is able to make nice back to the basket moves, and can also shoot the ball in his own right.
  • This is a game that Dejounte Murray will likely want to forget. He struggled to get his shot going from the floor, as he only scored 11 points, knocking down just five of his 14 attempts. While he did snatch nine rebounds and dish out five assists, he forced his shot from the three point line multiples, missing all of four his attempts, and often times tried to do too much. He turned the ball over three times, but had at least another five rather poor passes. His potential and talent is obviously there, but he, like the rest of the team, will benefit greatly when the game slows down for him.
  • David Crisp quietly had a solid game as he went 5-9 from the field and 1-2 from the three point line.  He had a couple of very impressive drives to the hoop, and nearly threw down a dunk in the first half as he finished a nice backdoor layup. He had a incredibly acrobatic finish in transition in the second half, and if squinted your eyes just enough, you would have thought Isaiah Thomas was back in Montlake.