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Washington Travels to Tempe to Take on Arizona State - Open Thread

Here is the open thread for your afternoon delight.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskies haven't beaten ASU since 2001 which happens to correspond with the last time UW won a game in Tempe. In fact, UW hasn't beaten a team in the desert - either Arizona or Arizona State - since 2005.

What is it with the sand and the sun that spooks our Dawgs so much?

The good news is that winning and losing streaks is more about the fans and less about the players - many of whom were small children when some of these more egregious streaks began. All that matters today is the coaching brought to the table in the here and now and the mindset of the players as they prepare to take one more step towards bowl eligibility.

The Huskies will not have a full arsenal to draw from. DT Elijah Qualls is out for the third game and will be joined by RB Dwayne Washington who is was injured during practice this week. Fortunately, it looks like S Budda Baker and LT Trey Adams are back and ready to roll.

This is your open thread. Have at it and GO DAWGS!