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Football Recruiting Roundup: Amandre Williams Wavers on Commitment

Is Washington on the verge of losing a commit for the first time in nearly 2 years? We cover that and much more in this week's recruiting roundup.

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DE commit Amandre Williams
DE commit Amandre Williams
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  • Chris Petersen and his staff have been in Seattle for nearly 2 years and have yet to lose a player to another school once they have committed. That could change soon as it was made known on Friday that Washington pledge Amandre Williams would be visiting Boise State over the weekend. Petersen has a bit of a unique recruiting policy of not allowing recruits to take visits elsewhere once they have committed and revoking an offer if a commit chose to break that policy. Amandre's decision appears to challenge that policy and it was especially surprising when news leaked that Petersen is still going to honor Amandre's offer for the time being, though he could no longer guarantee a spot for the Tahoma High star. Is Petersen adapting his policy or making a special one-time exemption? This will be an interesting story line to follow in the weeks to come.