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Fans get a chance to meet new look Huskies at Husky Hoopla Event

The Men's and Women's basketball team will participate in the Husky Hoopla event, which will offer fans their only chance at getting a glimpse at the two teams before they kick off their exhibition games at the beginning of November.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the start of exhibition games on the horizon, the Huskies Men's and Women's basketball teams will look to garner hype and support when they take the court tonight for their Husky Hoopla event. The doors are open to the general public at 7:30 PM, and the hour long event will start at 8 PM.  Admission is free of charge, parking is ten dollars, free food and giveaways will be given to students, and fans will be able to go on the court and meet the players after the event concludes.

Details about what will happen at the event itself are hard to come by, but the Huskies have held intra squad scrimmages at events like these in the past. However, it doesn't sound like any sort of scrimmage will take place this year, according to the Seattle Times Percy Allen. Here is what Allen had to say about what exactly will take place tonight. You can find his entire article here.

As for the show itself, details are murky, but don't expect a scrimmage or anything like that. There will be player introductions, which is a necessity for the UW men's team that brought in nine newcomers.Players will participate in basketball drills and they're also expected to perform a dance routine.

While it is definitely a disappointment that the team will not scrimmage, (or put on a dunk and three point contest for that matter) the fact that fans will be able to get their first look at all the new Dawgs is still valuable.  Early reports about the team have suggested that this team is very athletic, which if you have followed the  recent recruiting class the coaching staff put together, this should come as little surprise. Despite the fact that no scrimmage will take place, I still  expect this athleticism to be on full display during tonight's drills.