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The good, the bad and the unknown: Oregon

The Huskies pee down their leg at the sight of green jerseys again.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Myles Gaskin - Gaskin continued to be the lone bright spot of the offense. His long touchdown run got the Huskies back in the game and he continues to get yardage without much room.

Red zone defense - The Husky defense really toughened up with their back against the wall and it was the main reason the Huskies didn't get embarrassed and had a shot in the end. They were especially tough considering how long the offense had hung them out to dry.

Cameron Van Winkle - Van Winkle knocked  down both of his field goals, including a nice 46-yarder that could have made a huge difference in the game.

The death of the Oregon doesn't care about Washington narrative - Oregon and their fans really, really wanted this game and after yet somehow another flawless, pumped-up performance by Oregon against Washington, it is clear the Ducks, really, really care about this game. That narrative needs to die.

The Bad

Fear, or whatever the hell it is - The Huskies immediately melted into another team the second they took the field against the Ducks. It is clearly going to take a lot to break the hex Oregon has on Washington that the rest of the conference is long over. It is pretty bizarre at this point.

Slow start - Going in, I knew the one thing the Huskies couldn't afford is their now weekly horrid start. Especially with their apparent frailty against Oregon, they could not play from behind and let Oregon get their confidence back, but of course, they immediately let that happen.

Jake Browning - The Huskies needed Browning to step up if they were going to win this game and he was just plain flat. He nearly threw numerous interceptions, struggled with pressure and couldn't seem to hit a receiver in stride all game. I am getting very worried about his progression.

Mistakes - The Huskies shot themselves in the foot over and over again with dumb mistakes whether they were dropped passes, sloppy tackling, weird penalties, poor blocking, weird play calling or lazy pass defense. They looked like USC looked against the Huskies last week.

Penalties - Not only did the Huskies, fill up the board with bad penalties, they seemed to continuing commit them at horrible times, stalling drives, continuing Oregon drives or wiping away big plays.

Containment/3rd down defense - Mobile quarterbacks continued to be poison to the Husky defense as almost every big play Oregon had on offense came after Vernon Adams broke containment. The Huskies regularly missed out on opportunities to take down Adams and it bit them every single time, especially on third and longs.

Secondary - This was the worst game for the Husky secondary since, well the last time they played Vernon Adams. They were let down by the Husky front's inability to take down Adams, but they still didn't play their best, especially on a few plays where they appeared to just let receivers go down field.

Return defense/punt protection - A week after bottling up Adoree Jackson, the Huskies were a wreck in return defense, nearly giving up a kick return for a TD and looking like they easily could have given up one on just about every other return as well.

Clock management - I don't know what the hell was happening on Washington's final touchdown drive. I simply don't know how that happens with a major college football staff.

Officiating - This was quietly one of the worst officiated games I can remember. From the get go, the crew failed to set parameters with what the hell is going to be called holding and it really helped Oregon and Adams survive. You simply can't scramble the way Adams was in traffic for that long with that long and not get some holding calls and they allowed a free for all on running plays with grabbing. They also allowed a lot of hands to the face by DeForest Buckner before they finally called it and missed some bad personal fouls.

Vernon Adams transfer - I am putting on my homer hat for a minute to vent about the Adams situation, mainly because no one in the media is talking about it, but the fact that the Huskies had to face Adams as a Duck is a complete and utter joke. The rule is iffy at best and having to face a guy who somehow was allowed into grad school despite failing a class just a few months ago who was somehow allowed to then take that class at Oregon is a joke. I somewhat understand the rule to reward players for graduating, but the way this down was a clown show and I can't stand that my fellow media geeks won't say anything because of a nerdy love affair with Oregon.

I know a lot of the academic situation with college football is a joke, but this is an especially ridiculous situation that the media is going to sit silent on.

Injuries - The Oregon game continued to be the game where suddenly a handful of key players get hurt. The Huskies cannot afford to lose Jake Browning, Travis Feeney, Joe Mathis, Dwayne Washington and Keishawn Bierria to even just nagging injuries at this point.

The Unknown

Can they ever beat Oregon? I don't even know what to say anymore and it's not even just because of Washington's fear, the laws of the universe just seem to have gone out the window in this series. The Ducks haven't turned the ball over against Washington since 2012 and it showed when they recovered both fumbles Saturday.

Injuries? How long will the aforementioned injured Huskies be out if at all?

Jake Browning? Will we start to see the freshman progress? Outside of a couple of drives against Utah State, Browning has shown almost nothing to instill confidence in Husky fans. Is he truly the quarterback of the future for Washington?

Bowl game? This was a very important game for Washington if they hope to make it back to a bowl game? Can they string together three wins down the stretch to keep the bowl streak alive?

Any hope against Stanford? It is hard to envision the Huskies competing with a Stanford team that is firing on all cylinders on the road. Can the Huskies put up a fight in Palo Alto?