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UW Men's Basketball picked 11th in Pac-12 media poll

With a revamped roster, the media picked Coach Lorenzo Romar's team 11th in the Pac-12. Will the Huskies do better this season?

Can Coach Romar and Andrews lead the Huskies this season?
Can Coach Romar and Andrews lead the Huskies this season?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pac 12 basketball media day was held in Los Angeles on Thursday.  Coach Lorenzo Romar and senior point guard Andrew Andrews represented the Huskies at the media event.

The biggest news coming out of the event was the annual media poll which places the Huskies 11th out of 12 teams.  The Cougs were picked last.  At the top of the Pac-12 is Arizona followed by California and Utah.

The full list, with first place votes in parenthesis, is below:

1.  Arizona (18)

2.  California (9)

3. Utah (7)

4.   Oregon (1)

5. UCLA (1)

6. Oregon State

7. Colorado

8. Arizona State

9. Stanford

10. USC

11. UW

12. WSU

On the media ranking, Coach Romar understands the reasoning behind it.  "If I don’t know what our new players are like…and we lost what we lost I don’t think you’re going to pick us very high if you’re outside of our camp," he told the Seattle Times.

You can watch the full press conference with Coach Romar and Andrews here.

Here are some tidbits from the remarks:

-Coach Romar seemed enthused with working with so many new players stating that they were "willing and compliant up to this point."

-The two also talked about the trip to China.  Andrews noted that Malik Dime speaks the best Mandarin of the players who are taking a language class.  Andrews stated that Dime already is bilingual so learning a language was easier for him.  Coach Romar said that it was going to be a "fun" trip because they are going to visit sites that the players are talking about in their class.

-Romar said that all of the new guys will have an opportunity to help the team. He  did not point to one of the new players but stated that all will contribute early.

-Andrews stated that he has worked on his decision making with the ball this summer.  He will look to distribute the ball more this year as opposed to being a scorer.

Media day was not all serious as Coach Romar took part in the buffet. We assume Coach just had one.

Not great expectations for the Huskies as many in the media just don't know how this team will mesh.  It is a great unknown to see what a team with many first year players expected to get a lot of playing time and contribute will do.  The Huskies finished 11th in the Pac-12 last year finishing just 5-13 in conference play.

11th place this season probably means that the goal of making the post-season this year will not happen.