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How to Watch Washington vs Oregon: Game Preview, Game Time, TV Schedule, Live Streaming, Game Odds and More

Ah, it's finally time for the Oregon Washington game. This game has given me ulcers since 2004. Every season I feel like the Huskies are going to break the stupid streak. The game usually stays close until the Huskies wear themselves out and lose by double digits.

Yeah, that happened last year against the Ducks ...
Yeah, that happened last year against the Ducks ...
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Seattle, WA - At the beginning of the season it was tough for Husky fans to imagine the Huskies winning this year. The Ducks were a favorite to win the Pac-12 north, while the Huskies were thought to be competing for a spot in the bottom of the division. Enter week 7 of the season and those predictions have changed drastically. Not only are the Dawgs favored to win, the current trajectory of both teams are going in the opposite direction most of the pundits predicted coming into this season.

Where: Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington

When: Saturday, October 17, 2015
7:30 p.m. Pacific Time

TV Info: ESPN2, JMike Patrick (play-by-play), Ed Cunningham (analyst) and
Dr. Jerry Punch (sidelines) providing the commentary

Radio: KOMO AM-1000/FM-97.7; Sirius (136) and XM (201)

Game-Week Previews: Our Game Week Coverage; and their Game Week Coverage for the game
(Just about everything you'll need to read before you catch the game.)

How to Watch and Listen to the Huskies:
Audio Stream: TuneIn Radio
Video Stream: Watch ESPN


The Huskies lead this series 58-44-5. That's a 54% winning percentage, which is saying something, considering the Huskies haven't won a game against Oregon since 2003.I don't really want to go into this stupid streak. The only thing I can say is that it needs to end. I can't even imagine what the Cal Bears were going through when they couldn't beat the Huskies for over two decades.

Last year the Huskies went down to Eugene and got laughed out of Autzen stadium to the tune of a 45-20 loss. The Ducks rocketed off 21 points in the second quarter, and the Huskies couldn't come back from that. Needless to say, I went to bed depressed that night.


0 - The number of Interceptions the Ducks had against Wazzu. (Wazzu had 75 pass attempts in that game, and, for the record, prior to that game the Ducks were averaging an interception for each 33.5 pass attempts.)

2.74 - The Duck's average yards per carry when they rush the ball on 3rd down with 3 or less yards to go for a first down.

3.06 - The average yards per carry the Huskies are giving up this season.

6.98 - Oregon's average yards per carry this season.

6.1 - The yards per pass attempt the Huskies are giving up this season.

7.4 - Oregon's yards per passing attempt this season.

12.78 - The Duck's average yards per carry whey they rush the ball on 3rd down with 4-6 yards to go for a first down.

6 - The number of passing TDs the Huskies have thrown for this season.

21 - The number of passing TDs the Ducks have given up this season.

57.1 - Oregon's completion percentage on third down this season.

30.9 - Oregon's third down completion percentage in losses this season.

36.14 - Oregon's third down completion percentage this season.

41.46 - Oregon's third down completion rate in wins this season.

102.65 - UW's opponents' passer rating this season.

137.73 - Oregon's passer rating this season.

1160 - The total number of passing yards the Husky offense has gained this season (in 5 games, or 232 yards per game).

1941 - The total number of passing yards Oregon has given up this season (in 6 games, or 323.5 yards per game).

Questions Needing Answers


How many times will Jake Browning overthrow wide open receivers? Will Miles Gaskin have another 100+ yard game? Which receiver is going to have the best block? Can the offense keep our defense off the field? Can Browning exploit the spotty Oregon secondary?


Is this the year the Huskies finally shut down the Oregon offense? How much are we going to miss Azeem Victor? Who is going to have the first interception of the game? How many times will the d-line eat whatever QB is playing for Oregon?


Will we continue to see amazing special teams play? Who's seat is hotter, Jonathan Smith or Mark Helfrich? If you could get any degree from the University of Oregon, what would it be? Is anyone else happy that they won't have to see that stupid Kenny Wheaton's Gonna Score Video during this game?


My stomach can't take this, my family can't take it, and, quite honestly, the universe can't take it. For all things sacred and holy, the Huskies need to win this game. Balance needs to be restored. Who knows what could happen if the Huskies win. The United State's economy might get fixed. Maybe there would be world peace. Heck, sweat shops in China might cease to exist. I guarantee that global warming would be fixed.

I expect the Huskies to have a great game defensively. Look for them to have some serious gap fidelity, and plug up the rushing lanes for Oregon's stud running back. I think Browning will be able to fix at least some of his airmailed throws this week, and have a decent game passing down the field against a very green Oregon secondary. This game will probably end up being in doubt until the last drive of the game, just like all but two of the Huskies' games this season. I really hope the Huskies win. I have a good feeling about this game, not all that dissimilar to how I've felt about the last 11 seasons. That has me freaked out, and my gut won't let me pick the Huskies to win this game until I actually see it happen.

More Info

Gameday Dots
  • 12 reasons why living in Washington is better than living in Oregon. Here's 11 reason's why Oregon is better (this one's a slideshow) ... you decide.

  • This is a fun feature about the "streak" from two fans, one a Husky fan who lives in Oregon, and another from an Oregon living in Portland.
  • This one is a nice look at why Oregon's offense sucks this season ... the short answer: no QB.

Vegas Odds

The Huskies are 4-1 against the spread this season, and have been under the point total in the all but their game against Utah State. The Ducks, on the other hand, are 2-4 ATS, and have been over the point total in 4 out of their six contests. As I write this article, the Huskies are currently 3 point favorites. The over/under is sitting at 60 points, courtesy of Vegas Insider.


Get ready for what is sure to be a rowdy gamethread. I can just imagine the numerous threads of negativity as soon as Oregon scores a touchdown, the calling for Jonathan Smith's head the moment the offense stalls, and the plenty of cuss words to go around. Don't worry, the anonymity of the internet makes people go a little crazy. You'll be in for a wild ride this week. Come on over to the gamethread, if for no other reason, than to have some good laughs.