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Dots: Day Before the Day Before the Ducks Come to Town

Typical Pac-12 Refs, Gaskin on his big game, and info on tonight's Stanford-UCLA game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Football Dots

  • Given how noncommittal Pete seemed to putting a time table on success during the tough cultural adjustment within the program last year, it's great to hear Coach Petersen say that the Huskies are "pointed in the right direction."
  • The father of Dante Pettis happens to be the third-base coach for the Houston Astros.
  • The ESPN Pac-12 Blog has released weekly picks yet again. In what is still a strange sight to see, all five see a close Washington-Oregon game, with two picking the Huskies to win by a slight margin.
  • ATQ takes a look at Oregon's loss to Washington State in an attempt to question why the Ducks were so conservative in the passing game.
  • In case you needed a means to become furious on this fine Thursday evening, the Pac-12 VP of Officiating has declared that the Azeem Victor targeting call and ejection were correct. He disagrees with just about everyone I have heard declare an opinion on the hit, including many USC and Oregon fans.
  • Cable's main football story over at the News Tribune focuses on Myles Gaskin, who experienced a potential breakout performance a week ago today.
  • Washington fans should be hoping for a UCLA victory over Stanford tonight due to the Pac-12 North implications. Plus, I'm personally very bored of Stanford's success.
  • I know Sark's struggles have been talked to death around here, but I figured I'd include this tweet from the former Husky coach.