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Apologies and a New Twitter Handle for UWDP

We have moved to a new Twitter handle after an unfortunate tweet from the old account last night. Please accept our apologies.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the old UW Dawg Pound Twitter account sent out an insensitive and highly inappropriate tweet.  That tweet did not - and does not - reflect the views of the management here at the Dawg Pound, nor those of the SB Network, and we apologize for that tweet, the circumstances that allowed it to happen and our inability to delete it in an appropriate time period.  It has since been deleted, the person that had been exclusively running that account has been completely disassociated from this site and that Twitter handle has been re-branded per our request.

We have started a new Twitter account @UWonSBN.  Please give the new account a follow and spread the word among Dawg fans.  If anyone is interested in helping us maintain our social media accounts, please contact us.

Thanks, and Go Dawgs!