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Dots: Huskies Tuning Up Tackling

Data driven tackling, a big donation, and a walk-on's dream come true.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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Football Dots

  • Seattle-based rugby consulting firm Avatus has branched out in to football, and the Huskies are one of the first clients to look in to their data-driven "tackling plans" meant to help teams plan for the safest, most efficient tackling in any given situation. It sounds like something that could be a helpful tool for the defensive staff within a year or two.
  • On that same topic, Caple talked with DL coach Jeff Choate about tackling technique given the struggles to wrap up against Cal.
  • Mason Foster, fresh off of being cut by the Bears, has been signed by that NFL team in Washington DC.

Basketball Dots

Misc. Dots