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Dawgs dropping in latest RPI-Bracketolgy Check

With back to back conference losses to Utah and Stanford, the Huskies are sliding out of Bracketolgy projections.

At 3-5 in Pac 12 play, can the Dawgs still make the tourney?
At 3-5 in Pac 12 play, can the Dawgs still make the tourney?
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Huskies RPI dropped down to 54 with a home loss to Stanford on Wednesday.  At this point, it leaves the Huskies on the outside looking in on March Madness.

The Dawgs actually went up 4 spots to 47 with a disappointing loss at Utah Sunday night.  They dropped back after losing at home on Wednesday.

The Huskies still sit at 4th in RPI rank in the Pac 12 with Arizona (5), Utah (11) and Stanford (27) in front of the Dawgs.  A win against Stanford would have boosted the Dawgs in both RPI and Pac 12 conference record.  As it currently stands, the Huskies are 14-6 with a 3-5 conference mark and sit 9th in the standings.  Even with a win Super Bowl Sunday against Cal (128), the Huskies RPI will not be greatly affected.  Notably, the Bears (1-6 conference record) only conference win was against the Huskies.

Perhaps the most intriguing match-up this week is Arizona (5) playing Oregon State (81) in Tuscon on Friday night. The Beavers are one of the surprising teams so far in the conference and a win against the Wildcats would boost its RPI.  The Beavers already have a win over the Cats this season and look for the season sweep.

In his latest bracketology, SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean have the Huskies on the outside looking into the tournament.  The Dawgs sit as one of the "First Four Out".  On the other end, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are a projected No. 1 seed with second and third round games in Seattle.

CBS' Jerry Palm who had put the Dawgs at a 3 seed back in December, had the Dawgs dropping to No. 10 in the South Region prior to the Stanford game.  Palm had the Dawgs projected playing Providence in Jacksonville, Florida.  Last week, Palm had them at a 9 seed. As of Thursday, Palm has the Dawgs as one of the "First Four Out."

Joe Lunardi has updated his Bracketology today (Thursday) with the Huskies now dropping to the first team in the "Next Four Out."  As of last week, Lunardi had the Dawgs as a "First Four Out."

With the departure of Robert Upshaw, we will see how this team responds to the adversity.  At this point, a great non-conference has been wasted and the Huskies will have to come up with some wins in February for the team to make it to the tournament.