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Washington vs EWU - Fourth Quarter Recap - Huskies Win 59-52

Cyler Miles started the 4th quarter by taking the ball into the endzone to give the Huskies back the lead. They decided to go for the two point coversion to get back up 7, and a fade to Kasen Williams miraculously connected to in fact give the Dawgs a 52-45 lead.

The Huskies continued to not play defense, until on (yet another) solid completion by Adams, John Timu and Shaq Thompson combined to knock the ball free, which Travis Feeney recovered, giving UW the ball back at their own 35 and a chance to give themselves a bit of a cushion.

Lavon Coleman time on UW's next drive, as he eclipsed 100 yards and moved the chains and moved across midfield. Miles connected with Jaydon Mickens to convert a big 3rd and 5, and Deontae Cooper got some work on the drive as well with a few carries, until Coleman came back into the game and moved the Huskies to a 1st and goal inside the 5. The drive was capped by Cyler Miles making his 3rd appearance in the end zone, as the Dawgs went up two touchdowns 59-45.

Hau'oli Kikaha stopped his vanishing act by sacking Vernon Adams to force a 2nd and 16, but the Huskies gave them 5 right back after an offside penalty. More pressure from Kikaha forced EWU into a 3rd and 11, and the UW defense combined to bring Adams down for a sack. On 4th down EWU had to go for it, and Adams sliced up the UW secondary for the umpteenth time to convert. Danny Shelton notched another sack on the next play, which combined with a run stuff and an incompletion EWU was faced with another 4th and long, which of course they converted with a miracle tip and catch. Another sack was negated by a defensive hold on Timu, and a hands to the face on Shelton moved the chains again for the Eagles. A play later was TD #7 for Adams.

An onside kick from Vernon Adams (yes, that's correct) was recovered by UW, but was touched by EWU short of 10 yards anyway. The Huskies needed to work the clock, and went to their ground game which had been steady all game. Miles converted a 3rd and 5, and with EWU having no timeouts left, UW just had to keep the ball on the ground and the clock moving and the game was theirs.