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Washington vs EWU - Third Quarter Recap - UW Trails 44-45

The Huskies kicked off to start the second half, and lord knows their defense needed to make some adjustments coming out of the locker room. But alas, nothing had changed, as Vernon Adams connected on several midrange strikes into the heart of UW's defense, and UW looked hapless missing several tackles on Cooper Kupp as he scored on Adams's 5th TD pass of the game.

The Huskies went to the ground early, and then counter punched with a screen to Jaydon Mickens which moved them across midfield. A couple of plays later Mickens took a fly sweep around the edge to give the Huskies a short 3rd down, which Lavon Coleman converted, as the Huskies continued their way into the red zone. Dwayne Washington got a couple of carries as they again converted a 3rd down, and got a 1st and goal from the 9. Washington would eventually punch it in on a 4 yard carry on 3rd down to retake the lead at 44-38.

After Adams suffered from some cramping which forced an EWU timeout, UW got pressure on him but shot themselves in the foot when Marcus Peters got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, and then again a sack was negated by offside on Travis Feeney. But of course, just as the UW defense was looking good, they fell apart and Adams notched his 6th TD of the game.

On onside kick by EWU was recovered by special teams stud Brian Clay, and UW started their drive at the EWU 48. Miles threw a dart into Mickens's chest, and UW was on the move again. Faced with a 4th down, Miles used his legs to convert and give the Huskies new life on the drive, and connected with Mickens again on the next play to move inside the 10 as the quarter ended.