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Five Questions For The Huskies - Eastern Washington

Cyler Miles, defending Vernon Adams, running the dang ball, getting more aggressive, coming home to Husky Stadium... there are plenty of questions for UW this week.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

1. Cyler Miles has to be the biggest question at the forefront of everybody's mind. Does he have rust to knock off? Is the offense really that much more crisp at his command, as the Husky players would have us believe? Can he make better throws in the passing game and better give/keep decisions in the run game that we saw last week?

2. How does Pete Kwiatkowski's defense stop Vernon Adams? We saw them keep Ikaika Woolsey's passes in front of them against Hawaii, but I suspect a lot of that was the result of Woolsey's inability to beat them over the top. Adams has that ability. Can they minimize big plays through the air for the Eagles?

3. The Huskies got pushed around far too much on the line of scrimmage against the Rainbow Warriors. The talent gap between EWU and UW is even larger than it was in Honolulu. There is no excuse for the Huskies to not control the line of scrimmage -- read: have an effective run game -- on Saturday, but will they?

4. Will we see more aggressiveness from the coaches now that they've got a better idea of what they've got? Last week we saw off coverages from corners, not much in the way of blitz packages, and go-for-it-4th-downs which resulted in punts. Will the coaching staff unleash the Dawgs?

5. The Huskies have been as good a home team as anybody of late, so it will undoubtedly be nice to get back to the friendly confines of Husky Stadium. But how nice will it be? Will the Huskies not be plagued by the slow start the got off to last week? If they do play like we know they can, how much credit goes to playing at home?