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Washington Vs Stanford Fourth Quarter Recap - Stanford Wins 20-13

An end around to Ty Montgomery started the quarter with a big gain for Stanford. Another red zone trip for Stanford, but no points came about as Shaq Thompson popped the ball free from Kevin Hogan and after it bounced around a bit Danny Shelton plucked it out of the air.

Cyler Miles opened the drive by scrambling for 5 yards before giving way to Jeff Lindquist who ran for a gain of a yard. Miles re-entered the game and hit DiAndre Campbell on a comeback to move the chains.  The Huskies went backward -- a recurring theme for them -- but were aided by a Stanford late hit on 3rd down to give the Huskies another chance. The Huskies were faced with another third and long, and after a Cyler Miles sack, yet another Stanford penalty extended the drive. After a delay of game and some weird playcalls, the UW coaches outdid themselves with a fake punt on 4th and 10 that went nowhere, and gave Stanford the ball inside of UW territory.

Kevin Hogan scrambled and ran a few times, moving the ball toward the red zone, until a Danny Shelton facemask penalty pushed the ball into the red zone. A rush by Kelsey Young put the ball at first and goal from the 5. Stanford ran a naked boot with Hogan, and he found the corner pylon to put Stanford up 20-13.

Stanford kicked off out of bounds, and UW declined it to give John Ross a chance to return the kick. He made it to the 16 yard line. So, yeah, there was that. Miles opened the drive with a completion, and a rush converted the first down. Naturally, on a 3rd and 9 two plays later Cyler Miles was sacked and UW was forced to punt with 2:22 remaining.

Stanford ran three stuffed run plays, forcing UW to burn through its timeouts to stop the clock, and with 1:59 was forced to punt.

UW's drive starting inauspiciously, with three straight incompletions, but a comeback to DiAndre Campbell right to the sticks on 4th down converted and kept the Huskies alive. Miles then scrambled up the middle for 13 yards, and threw his next pass out of bounds for a 2nd and 10 with 50 seconds remaining. Miles was pressure and his throw away didn't get back to the line of scrimmage, so an intentional grounding was called. The Dawgs, on 4th and 18, couldn't protect miles, and he didn't ever look downfield as he scrambled for a handful of yards to end the game.